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Hello everyone Happy Halloween, My suggestion is to get spare oil filters and new oil for your trks and cars while in storage or laying idle for a while...

I plan on changing the oil in my vehicles within the next two months,that way the oil will be still fresh even if it stays idle. I plan on using "Slick 50 for my generator also. One quart let it run for 12 hours( I'm on lp gas ) and then change it and go back to my ususal oil ( 30W ).

Because my other half is a nurse I know I'll be using both cars during the winter months. So at least they will be maintance ready,just in case... Just something to think about, I haven't seen anyone post this subject yet,so....

Furie... ps. Yes I know also put "Sta-bul" in the fuel tank, and have a full tank if possible... (on my list already)

-- Furie (, October 29, 1999


I'd suggest running pure synthetic oil of the appro viscosity in your genny provided it's already been run 25-50 hours or more (so there's enough friction to break in the rings). Helps them enormously. I've yet to hear anything good I can confirm about the slick stuff. A friend worked at the Chevron lab (they do tests in stationary motors) in Richmond CA and told me that in their tests slick 50 didn't do anything (he's not a "company" man so I believe he's unbiased.

DCK (My Honda 5hp gets Valvoline Synthetic 10-30)

-- Don Kulha (, October 29, 1999.

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