Durahan Question

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In what structure, and on what expadition can I find the sheath? if I don't win in the invitational tourney for the sword, will I be able to fight in it again? what class do I have to be in to get invited? Thanks

-- MaTT (Kbomb1352@aol.com), October 29, 1999


you can find the old sheath at the structure next to the tusk tower (the one with the giant pumpkin blocking it). if you don't win the tourney, you can compete again the next year and you don't need to have an invitation. the initial invitation is 4th wk of Jan or 1st wk of Feb and the tourney is at the 4th wk of Feb. Good luck.

-- Vanman (vanman@i-manila.com.ph), October 30, 1999.

You have to keep your monster in A-class for a while.

-- (ShadowMast4@aol.com), February 03, 2000.

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