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I just received a new credit card in the mail. It was an unsolicited "Holiday Edition" piece of plastic that was, in the words of my wife,"Soooo cute!" It has Frosty the Snowman on the front, and carries with it a $7,500 limit. It has been destroyed, but the fact remains . . .

There is no panic.

There will be no panic.



-- Zerad (, October 29, 1999


New "Holiday Edition" credit card = No Panic??????????????

There is no connection between the two what-so-ever. Man, you have a real disconnect in logic!!!

-- cb (, October 29, 1999.

WOW! Which credit card company? Have them mail new "Holiday Edition" cards to everyone posting on the TB2K Preparation Forum, and we'll take care of that $7,500 limit in a heartbeat.

-- SH (, October 29, 1999.

You sound like a real brain child.

-- ChefTRD (, October 29, 1999.

SH, what if you actually have to pay back the money?

-- Collection Agent (, October 29, 1999.

I have a theory. The amount of credit offers extended to me in the past year borders on the obscene. I believe these companies are trying to make their numbers look good while they still can. If everything goes down the toilet next year, it will make little difference whom owes whom. And if there are people who believe they may get away with running up and not paying these debts, and little ends up happening, they may end up with more to collect than they otherwise would have. Win-Win situation for them I'd say.

-- Gia (, October 29, 1999.


The panic will be unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, heinous, sudden and completely wild!

Credit will become extremely worthless when the banks crash.

I don't have any gold or silver, but if anybody does, then I hope you can trade it for something edible or wipeable...

-- Randolph (, October 30, 1999.

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