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The answer to the question "...but what can we DO?"

Follow through and e-mail your Senators, or you may find yourself in a totalitarian nightmare (of the typical 20th century variety) wishing to God that you had!

HR 2655 Will Stop President From Abuse Of Executive Orders - READ 10-28-99 Note - See end of story for email addresses of 96 of 100 Senators. Your voices count...let them hear you loud and clear.

WASHINGTON, DC - This week, a subcommittee of the House of Representatives will hold a hearing on legislation introduced by Rep. Ron Paul (R, TX) that would restrict the power of presidents to legislate by Executive Order. The Committee on the Judiciary's Subcommittee on Commerce and Administrative Law will hold the hearing on Thursday, October 28, 1999, in room B-353 of the Rayburn House Office Building. The legislation is HR 2655, the Separation of Powers Restoration Act. Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde (R, IL) issued the formal invitation for Rep. Paul to testify on behalf of the legislation. "The American public has grown increasingly weary of the use of Executive Orders, as presidents have used them to bypass Congress and legislate from the Oval Office," said Rep. Paul. "Presidents must be able to direct their employees, but this power must be closely confined by the laws which they are constitutionally and legislatively empowered to execute." Former Clinton Advisor Paul Begala was quoted in the New York Times on July 5, 1998, as saying of Executive Orders, "Stroke of the pen. Law of the Land. Kinda cool." But the US Constitution does not give presidents this power, said Rep. Paul. "I'm pleased the Committee has decided to hold hearings on this important issue which affects every American." HR 2655 would limit the scope of the Executive Orders a president can issue to only directing his staff and executive branch employees in carrying out authorized activities. It would also give legal standing to Members of Congress and average citizens to bring court cases against an administration if an Executive Order deprives them of their rights or harms them economically. It also repeals the 1973 War Powers Resolution, returning exclusive authority to Congress to declare national emergencies, while repealing all "national emergencies" currently on the books -- most dating from the late 1970s and early 1980s. The legislation currently has nine cosponsors, including Don Young (R, AK), chairman of the Committee on Resources. _________ If you support this measure, take just a moment to email your House members and demand they support HR 2655. Below are the email addresses of 96 of 100 Senators. For email addresses of House members, go to: http://www.in-search-of.org Sen._Murkowski@12022245301.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Stevens@12022242354.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Sessions@12022243149.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Shelby@12022243416.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Lincoln@12022246435.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Hutchinson@12022283973.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Kyl@12022281239.iddd.tpc.int Sen._McCain@12022282862.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Boxer@14159566701.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Feinstein@12022283954.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Campbell@12022241933.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Allard@12022246471.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Dodd@12022241083.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Lieberman@12022249750.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Biden@12022240139.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Graham@12022242237.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Mack@12022248022.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Cleland@12022240072.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Coverdell@12022283783.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Akaka@12022242126.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Inouye@12022246747.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Harkin@12022249369.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Grassley@12022246020.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Craig@12022281067.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Crapo@12022245893.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Fitzgerald@12022285786.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Durbin@12022280400.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Bayh@12022284137.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Lugar@12022280360.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Brownback@12022281265.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Roberts@12022243514.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Bunning@12022240046.iddd.tpc.int Sen._McConnell@12022242499.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Breaux@12022282577.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Landrieu@12022249735.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Kennedy@12022242417.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Kerry@12022248525.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Mikulski@12022248858.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Sarbanes@12022241651.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Snowe@12022241946.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Collins@12022242693.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Levin@12022241388.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Abraham@12022248834.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Wellstone@12022248438.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Grams@12022280956.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Bond@12022248149.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Ashcroft@12022280998.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Cochran@12022249450.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Lott@12022242262.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Burns@12022248594.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Edwards@12022247406.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Helms@12022247588.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Conrad@12022247776.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Dorgan@12022241193.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Hagel@12022245213.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Kerrey@12022247645.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Gregg@12022244952.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Smith@12022241353.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Torricelli@12022248567.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Lautenberg@12022249707.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Bingaman@12022242852.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Domenici@12022247371.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Bryan@12022241867.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Reid@12022247327.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Daniel@12022280406.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Schumer@12022245871.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Voinovich@12022247983.iddd.tpc.int Sen._DeWine@12022246519.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Inhofe@12022280380.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Nickles@12022246008.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Smith@12022283997.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Wyden@12022282717.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Santorum@12022280604.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Specter@12022281229 .iddd.tpc.int Sen._Reed@12022244680.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Hollings@12022244293.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Thurmond@12022241300.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Daschle@12022242047.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Johnson@12022285765.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Thompson@12022283679.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Frist@12022281264.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Hutchison@12022240776.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Gramm@12022282856.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Bennett@12022244908.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Hatch@12022246331.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Robb@12022248689.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Warner@12022246295.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Jeffords@12022280338.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Murray@12022240238.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Gorton@12022249393.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Feingold@12022242725.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Kohl@12022249787.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Byrd@12022280002.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Rockefeller@12022247665.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Enzi@12022280359.iddd.tpc.int Sen._Thomas@12022241724.iddd.tpc.int

-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), October 29, 1999


What a waste of time and effort. Liberty, do you really think that the Senate even listens to anyone? Way too far gone for this bs. Get out of the way and just stop interracting with the Feds. Now, that is liberty. Live free or die.

-- Jim the Window Washer (Rational@man.com), October 29, 1999.

The "Know Your Customer" banking snoop + freedom-suppressing legislation was killed (delayed, probably) by grassroots activism and eMail campaigns.

Thank you, Liberty, for caring and sharing this information.

Directly applicable to Y2K -- another 2 months, then the EOs come alive ... to a checkpoint nearby.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), October 29, 1999.

Jim the Window Washer,

That is suicide. Grassroots internet activism also STOPPED THE MULTINATIONAL AGREEMENT ON INVESTMENT (MAI). What you do makes a difference, and so does sitting on your ass. You could say with some accuracy that Nazi Germany was created by cynical apathetic Germans sitting on their asses, every bit as much as it was created by fervent fanatical Nazis. "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Do something. Don't die sitting on your ass - get up and SAVE YOUR REPUBLIC. EARN IT.


-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), October 29, 1999.

Actually, Liberty, this is the new world. No SS numbers, no birth certificates, no bank accounts, no April 15th deadline. True liberty, as the founders of this country knew it, and alive today if you are willing to give up grovelling before the master you have chosen. I will not bow before the Feds ever again for any reason. I have a new life now, and I praise God for His blessing. The Republic is dead; long live the Republic.

-- Jim the Window Washer (Rational@man.com), October 29, 1999.

P.S. It is much harder to live free than to live normal.

-- Jim the Window Washer (Rational@man.com), October 29, 1999.

Thank you Liberty for this find. I'll pass it around to my mailing lists.

-- Chris (#$%^&@pond.com), October 29, 1999.

Window Washer Man; I am sorry to have to break this news to you but someone must. You may choose to "Live Free or Die" as you presently do live in a country that willing to hear your complaint. That precious "freedom" is protected by a document which forms a contract between you and that government. Now I am not here to debate the "Fed's" violations of that document so don't waste your time going down that road.

You have never been required to grovel or bend your knee to the authority that document gives the "Fed". You have always had the right to go to the ballot box and seek change. We all have always had that right (contemporary times). Many GOOD things have come about because of voters and their power thru the years. And that has happened inspite of the fact that after the first generation, those who fought The War for Independence, died the voter turnout has been pathetic.

How much more could we have done, how much better would things be, if we had a history of turning out 90+% of the eligible voters in all elections?

My point "Window Washer?", so many people have quit before they started. They want to strike against the system because "It has done me wrong", when in actual fact, it is they who have failed their end of the bargan. They failed to participate in the process, now they want to control the process...

It just doesn't sit rationally with this poor fool.

-- (...@.......), October 29, 1999.


By telling these Senators to support the Restoration of Separation of Powers, you aren't "grovelling" - you are reminding them who they work for and telling them what to do! You are demanding services for payment rendered! You are telling them that you know what time it is, and you refuse to allow the ATROCITY of an American police state to be spawned IN YOUR NAME, under the stolen mantle of Law and Justice.

If you are opposed to a swollen, tryannical Federal government that has time and again overstepped it's Constitutional limits, then you HAVE NO EXCUSE not to support the brave men who are sposoring this bill. Rob Paul, and Inhoff, Barr and others all believe in limiting the Fed and restoring a Constitutional Republic. The alternative is GLOBAL FACISM - a hidden oligarchy ruling through a multinational banks and corportations, enforced by a military police state. If you don't help to stop it YOU ARE HELPING IT OCCUR.

It IS that simple.


-- Liberty (liberty@theready.now), October 29, 1999.


Thank you! Letter to my senator has just been sent and have forwarded it to some of my friends who live nearby.

Let's get our Government back to what the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to be - a voice for the people, not their leash.

Keep up the great work Liberty!

Deb M.

-- Deb (vmcclell@columbus.rr.com), October 30, 1999.

The 1994 biodiversity treaty to take away 1/2 of the United States land mass from private use and ownership was averted with the assistance of thousands of calls and faxes (email is always less effective) to the senate, crashing the phone lines.


However, klinton is subverting law and implementing parts of this plan through executive orders anyways, which makes it imperative that we do what we can to reduce or take away these powers from this very corrupt executive branch.

-- OR (orwelliator@biosys.net), October 30, 1999.

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