FT-1 and F 1.2 compatablity question.

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I have some great old Konica lenses one of which is a 57mm F1.2 Hexanon. I have been using this lens on my old TC camera body. I just ordered an FT-1 but I notice that the Technical Specification state that the "Meter Coupling Range" is EVO.7 (f/1.8, 2sec.) through EV19(f/22, 1/1000 sec.) for ISO 100. Does this mean that the fast f1.2 lens is incompatible with the FT-1? What happens if I put the F1.2 lens on the FT-1 body and I'm in low light conditions? Can I trust what the meter tells me?

-- Anonymous, October 29, 1999


f1.2 Hexanon on FT-1


While I'm not fortunate enough to possess an f1.2 Hexanon, I'm pretty sure that its fully compatible with the FT-1. I cite page 50 of the FT-1 instructions pamphlet listing the 57mm f1.2 as a standard lens for the FT-1.

Go for it! If the results are unsatisfactory, I'd be delighted to take that lens off your hands! ;-)


-- Anonymous, October 30, 1999

Thanks for f1.2 info

Thanks James, for citing the page of the instruction manual to me. I just bought my first F-1 and did not get a manual with it. I bought it from Camera Traders LTD in NY city. I paid $289 for it which I think is a little high, but it was rated as "Excellent +". I don't mind that I spent the extra money because this thing is in great shape. I just got it yesterday! I spent last night playing with the empty camera and figuring out how to work it. Today I went out and bought a roll of 12 exposure ASA 100 color negative film and tested the camera out. It works GREAT! All 12 frames were perfectly exposed. I shot some with low light indoors. Others were shot in bright sun light outdoors of the fall foliage. Still other were shot using the flash.

I have had the 57mm 1.2 lens for many years. I use to use it with my Konica TC. Over the years I stopped taking pictures and have been letting my wife take all the snap shots with her little APS automatic camera. She loves her little camera but I keep looking as her pictures and know that I could have taken a better picture with my old Konica. We are getting ready to take a vacation in Europe so I decided to dust off my old TC and lenses for this trip. Last week I stopped in a pawn shop looking for a second TC so I could have ASA 100 in one body and ASA 800 in the other. Instead I came across a FS-1. I bought the FS-1 but ended up returning it because the metering was intermittent, and the mirror would stick half way. I got my money back but my appetite for a good camera was wetted. Then I found the "Konica 35 mm SLR bboard." It was a real wealth of information. I then decided to buy the FT-1. I'm glad I did!

At the same time that I ordered the FT-1 I also bought a Konica X-24 flash made for it. I paid $129 for the flash. Again I think this was a little high but it is in good shape and came with a like new leather case that attaches to the neck strap. I was willing to pay a little extra because I wanted both the FT-1 and the flash in time for my trip. The X-24 is a good little flash for using with the FT-1 because it forms closely to the shape of the FT-1 body and is electronically integrated with the camera electronics. It's almost idiot proof in operation.

The thing I like best about my F1.2 lens as the bright image it provides my aging eyes. That makes focusing a lot easier and faster. It's nice to have even when your shooting flash, because you can see to focus in a dim room. Can you give me a ball park figure of the current going cost of the 57mm f1.2 lens? I'm not thinking of parting with it. I'm just curious what it is worth today. The one draw back about the F1.2 it that it is big and heavy. It's a big chunk of glass! It must be very rare because I have searching the internet to find the price and have not found one.

I'm pleased as punch with the FT-1. What a great little camera!

-- Anonymous, October 30, 1999


David, that Hexanon 1.2 is outrageously expensive. Could you please tell us your evaluation of it - is it better, apart from its wide aperture, than the other normal lenses (f1.4, f1.7 and f1.8)?

-- Anonymous, October 30, 1999

57mm f 1.2 lens.

Hi Peter. I had no idea that I had such a treasure locked in my old camera bag all these years. I don't feel qualified to give an evaluation of the lens. I'm not a professional photographer and have not even taken many pictures in recent years. I bought the lens new, over twnty years ago. At that time I was starting to get involved in wedding photography. It was about that same time that high speed color film became availible. I discovered that by combining the f 1.2 lens with high speed color film that I could shoot wedding in availible light without disrupting the event with my flash. To my surprise, I found that most clients prefered the available light shots. The colors were off but they had a warmth to them and gave a feeling of depth and dimention that is lost in flash photograph. I use to mix flash and natural light pictures for the same wedding. I was surprized that it was the natural light pic that drew the most favorable comments.

I have not performed any sort of scientific evaluation compairing the 50mm f 1.7 lens that came with my TC to the 57mm f 1.2. I can't even recall if I ever took the same picture with both lenses. (I'll do that now that you have asked.) I can tell you that ever since I bought the f 1.2, I simple stopped using the f 1.7. It's amazing the the big difference there is in the light gathered by the bigger lens. And I do mean bigger! The f 1.7 is a feather weight that attaches to the camera. The f1.2 weighs as much as the camera.

BTW my other lenses consist of a Vivatar 24mm f 2.8, and a Konica Hexanon 200mm f5.6 (non-automatic). The 200mm is very light and skinny. It's easy to carry so I take it in case I really need a telephoto, but it's hard to use and focus. I also have a Vivitar 35-105 zoom f3.5 with a macro ring. That thing weighs much more then the f 1.2 and is twice as long.

I would like to know the going price for the 57mm f1.2 lens. How much is "outrageously expensive"? :o)

-- Anonymous, October 30, 1999

57 mm f/1.2 Hexanon prices

Well, I got one about a year ago on eBay for $195. Not what I'd call outrageously expensive for a remarkable lens like that! S/N is 7506119 if you want to compare it to yours...

-- Anonymous, November 01, 1999

You got a bargen Steve!

From what some others on this BB have told me the 57mm f1.2 has become a collectors item and is currently going for around $300 on e-bay.

For what it's worth, my SN 7526995. I guess that just means that mine was made after yours was made?

-- Anonymous, November 01, 1999

57mm f1.2 Hexanon AR lens SN

I just bought one myself (a Hexanon 57mm f1.2) and here is my SN to add to the pile:

SN: 7505805 It is the black ring EE version


-- Anonymous, January 04, 2001

P.Ulvskov and 1.2's

Peter, I've seen YOU bid outrageously high prices on prices on ebay for 1.2's, and in fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen you win MORE THAN ONE 1.2 auction. So tell us, what gives? Are you a 1.2 fetishist?

-- Anonymous, November 03, 1999

Untrue accusations

Not that it matters to this bulletinboard, but the observations by Montgomery Burns are incorrect: I have never placed a winning bid for a Hexanon 1.2 at eBay or elsewhere. (That other bidders were willing to pay significantly more than I am, was the reason why I asked about the merits of the lens).

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1999

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