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i am having problems playing a movie with the combi cd player, the disk i got was in combi format, but there was no install option. everytime i try playing it, it gives me an error message that the file cant be played, system error must be corrected first. and when i try and open it through windows media player, it says mci having trouble initializing, please restart windows, but that doesnt help either. thanks for your help, Brad

-- brad (, October 29, 1999


play combi format vcd's with elecard 1.32 mpeg2 player from

-- andrew wilcock (, September 29, 2001.

Thanks for your helpful answer. I was struggle with the combi cd player for a while and couldn't find that shareware to download. The website you mentioned ( has a shareware to play vcd in different format... Thanks.

-- Suriya Chitchulanon (, March 17, 2002.

I lack a combi installation facility in the VCDs that I have had at my disposal so far and I request for you please if you have an idea like a website which I could download the combi into my hard drive and be able to access the facility to enable me to view the VCDs. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop with multimedia functinability. Any of your reply efforts will be highly appreciated.

-- Anthony Ndavu (, January 23, 2004.

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