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My GI friend called me last night to say she'd like me to share this with the forum!! (That is exciting, because I introduced her and her hubby to Y2K prepping, and now she wants to help others prep.)

She'd tried another mylar bag sealer and returned it. We'd looked at a couple of catalogs with pricey ones. She went to Sears (I don't work for them) and found one she's used this week and loves. The price was excellent also.

It is Deni Fresh Lock, Turbo II, and it sells for only $50.00.

-- Elaine Seavey (, October 29, 1999


Turned WebFerret loose on it and came up with:

Deni/Keystone Mfg. Co., Inc. PO Box 863 Buffalo NY 14240-0863

Phone: (716)875-6680 Fax: (716)875-6969 Tollfree: (800)336-4822 Email: URL: Hours: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Products: Storage Bags, Baking Stones, Can Openers, Plastic Food Storage, Purifiers/Filters (Air/Water), Food Dehydrators, Food Vacuum Sealers, Storage Containers, Pizza Pans/Ovens, Ice Cream Makers

-- Dennis Law (, October 29, 1999.

Another Question: I was just looking at my Seal-A-Meal last night and was wondering how it could be used for Y2K. I'm thinking Y2K with no electricity or generator. What have you all thought of? [Note: a Seal-A-Meal is a plastic bag that seals closed with a heat element] Thanks!

-- Jen (gardengal@myisland.home), October 29, 1999.

I bought one of the Deni units and IT WAS A PIECE OF JUNK! It would only make perfect seal about half of the time... and it wouldn't seal anything other than their own bags (they are way too thin for practical purposes)

I ended up giving the Deni away and bought a Tilia FoodSaver.. It is Great! (but it was much more expensive than the deni)

-- Rosana Kazbe (, October 30, 1999.

Yesterday I went to my friend's house to pick up my part of the order for the mylar bags. I was so impressed with her results that I went straight to Sears (a store I don't love!) and got the Deni. She had not only successfully sealed her mylar bags, but the Deni also vacuumed out all the oxygen, so the bags of beans looked flat and hard, completely sealed. She was about to start on her other products. Even her husband was having fun using the sealer! We had seen this sealer in a catalog for $30 more. I'm sorry if it didn't work for someone else, but that just could have been a defective unit or else not using it properly, because seeing Sue's results is believing!!!

-- Elaine Seavey (, October 31, 1999.

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