Y2K: The Winter of Out Disconnect on PBS NOW... (Boston area)

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Y2K: The Winter of Out Disconnect on PBS NOW...

Followed by

Problem of the Century (30 min)
An examination of the dangers posed to computer systems by the Y2K "millennium bug" at the turn of the century includes the potential effects on aviation and medical care, as well as any general economic and social consequences. Among those interviewed are European hospital administrators and Sen. Robert Bennett of Utah.

Followed at 10 pm by

Invasion of the Millennium Bug (30 min)
From 1998: A look at the potential computer shutdown due to the so-called "Millennium Bug" in software that cannot recognize "00" in dates as "2000." Also addressed are ways consumers can prevent or respond to the problem.

-- flb (fben4077@yahoo.com), October 28, 1999


Isn't my show great!! As I said on the show, the only thing that can possibly be a problem is that your card might not work at the grocery store. So be smart, and take my advice...

Just have your checkbook ready, and enjoy the new millenium!!

-- Robert X. Cringely (PBS_has_@_VERY_generous_new_sponsor_named._Alan_Greenspan!), October 28, 1999.

Is there actually a Greenspan-PBS connection?

-- silver ion (ag3@interlog.com), October 29, 1999.

Silver ion,

I would not be suprised in the least. With the kind of crap that has been passing for a legitimate stock market recently, it appears that the Feds will do anything to keep people from finding out that they don't have nearly as much money as they think they do.

-- @ (@@@.@), October 29, 1999.

flb - Thanks for the heads up about the subsequent two programs. Listened with half an ear as the day wound day. Hope they are rebroadcast.

After all the negative reviews about Winter of Disconnect, I felt I had to watch it anyway in case it comes up in conversation later. Loved the graphics and the grade B movie and newsreel clips. A classic parody of the GI world. Except, of course, that PBS was dead serious. Oh well, I was looking for a reason not to send them any money.

-- Brooks (brooksbie@hotmail.com), October 29, 1999.

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