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At K-mart today I bought a PUR water filter. I've never heard of this company but on the box it says it gets rid of Giardia. My daughter got very sick with this a few years ago. None of the other filters said anything about microbiological cysts-giardia. Does anyone know if this is any good? Can it filter rain water? Did I goof? thanks a ton for all your help, I wish I had some of you for neighbors.

-- Tress (, October 27, 1999


I have the Pur Plus filter. The package claims it will remove most all harmful bacteria. The filters are very expensive to use for everyday use, but I plan on using them if for any reason I have to use rain water,etc. For tap water, I use the Britta filter. I plan on boiling all my drinking and cooking water if I have any doubts about my water supply. I think chlorine will remove the giardia bacteria too. Cryptospurillium (sp) is my main concern about the public water supply.

-- Carol (, October 27, 1999.

After looking at Katadyn, and a few other brands I bought two PUR filters -- handy back-pack size -- and "re-filters": replacement cartridges. I ended up taking them back when our wellwater cleaned out -- but would buy them again in a heart beat just to have on hand. If you goofed then I goofed -- but from what I read before going into the purchase a PUR filter is an excellent buy, preferred by backpackers, recommended by outdoors magazines over Katadyn (the customary favorite) etc. Relax.

-- SH (squirrel@, October 27, 1999.


I own a PUR "Hiker" with the extra virus "screener". It is very well- rated by Backpacker Magazine and many testers. It's been used in the backcountry will heavily silted water, (with animal "by-products" no less!) with no problems. (Giardia comes from intestinal bugs in beaver and other backcountry animals.)

If you have concerns, ask the people who use them. Go to Backpacker Magazine's homepage (I think it is and post a question - they're very helpful and will relieve any worries you might have. (They'll also give good tips on how to clean your purifier so that it will keep giving you healthy water for a long time to come.)

Hope this helps.

Deb M.

-- Deb M. (, October 28, 1999.

Your PUR PLUS filter pitcher WILL handle Giardia, etc, as the label says. i am going to use one if I get to site B/C as I don't get along with the water there.

BTW the simple clorination won't do the job with giardia, unless you are VERY careful and you end up using a BUNCH of chlorine. resublimated Iodine (Polar Pur - Potable Aqua) works MUCH better on the cysts.


the PUR pitchers will also work on Cryptosporidium, IIRC.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, November 01, 1999.

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