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I am writing a research paper for my english class about smokejumpers and a real interview could boost my paper over the top. If there is any smokejumpers out there that want to offer me an interview it would be greatly apprecited and I would thank you so much here are some of my questions?\ 1.What is your motivation? 2.Is there a certain routine that you go through every day? 3.How does your family feel about you doing this job? 4.Do you kids understand your job and think you are a hero because I do? 5.Why is it so difficult to become a smokejumper? 6.How can you do a job knowing that possibily you could die each time? 7.What is the salary for all smokejumper including experience ones? 8.Is there someone that motivated you to do this job and why? 9.Do you feel that you job saves lives? 10.Is there some interesting stories you can tell me to put into my paper? 11.How many jumps have you made? 12.Do you have the same feeling every time you jump and what is that feeling? 13.How long do you intend to do this before you retire? 14.What is most fun part about your job? 15.Does this job give you an rush? 16.Why do you do this? 17.What are your dreams and hobbies when your not jumping? If there is anything else that you would like to share with me I would love it I think that you job is thee best in the world and I think that what you do is extremly heroic and if you could respond to these questions I will love you forever thank you.

-- David Jones (, October 27, 1999

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