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The International Union of Operating Engineers has information about Y2K on their website at

Also, IUOE has invited the public to a free two-day Y2K seminar in Beaver, West Virginia tomorrow (28th) and Friday (29th). Here's your chance to ask the engineers what they think about Y2K! For more information about this two-day Y2K conference entitled "Y2K Workshop: Final Preparations to Protect Workers, Families, and Communities" contact the Y2K Program Coordinator at 304-253-8674. (Or post to this thread & I will answer questions if I know the answer).

It will be held in the auditorium of the National Mine Health and Safety Academy, 1301 Airport Rd, Beaver, W.WA starting at 8:30 AM. Speakers include Dr. Paul Hill, chair of the US Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board and Dr. Fred Millar from the Center for Y2K & Society.

Tell your friends in WVA to attend!

-- d (, October 27, 1999


Hate to be picky, but the members of the IUOE are not engineers in the traditional sense. Most of them operate heavy equipment or are mechanics and surveyors...They would not be the top choice to explain pwr generation/transmission or embeddeds. Before anyone flames me, I have quite bit of respect for Cat Operators as my father was employed in that field for 20 yrs. See ya at the meeting,

joe thomas

-- joe thomas (, October 27, 1999.

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