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Computer systems review aims to prevent the failure of previous projects

Computer crisis inquiry AN INVESTIGATION of Government computer systems has begun in a bid to prevent a repeat of the summer crisis at the Passport Agency.

Ian McCartney, the Cabinet Office Minister, said a civil service team had been appointed to look at best practice within large-scale projects.

The move follows a string of embarrassing and costly failures with new computer systems affecting passports, benefits and student loans.

"In past years, too many projects have run into difficulties," Mr McCartney said.

Unveiling details of the study in a Commons written reply, he said he was determined to improve effectiveness, value for money and best practice in future projects.

A team from the Cabinet Office's Central IT unit is handling the investigation, which will also look at systems in the private sector and overseas.

"We are determined to improve the management of major IT projects," Mr McCartney said."These projects are incredibly complex and we must get them right."

Andrew Smith, the Treasury Chief Secretary, said: "We will not tolerate the failures of previous projects and this review will ensure we learn the lessons of the past." Action on current projects "will be taken as and when needed" without waiting for the outcome of the study, the Cabinet Office said.

-- Homer Beanfang (, October 27, 1999

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