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This thread originally posted at the TimeBomb2000 Classic Forum as What "CLASS" of Human Are You?

What "CLASS" human are you? This has nothing to do with whether you went to Hillbilly High or graduated from Harvard. how much money you have means nothing. What society thinks of you means even less.

When TSHTF and the fat is in the fire, there are 7 classes of humans. The class you are in determinew how long you can function without serious problems.

CLASS 1: Perfect, require regular air, water, and food. CLASS 2: Broken but repaired/bionic. You are a CLASS 2 if you anything you were not born with to function well. Glasses or contacts, false teeth, pacemaker, artificial joints, etc..

Anything lower than a CLASS 2 suffers from time constraints. If things fall apart, with no help or re-supply, a CLASS 3: Good for a month. CLASS 4: Good for a couple of weeks. CLASS 5: Good for a week. CLASS 6: Good for a day. CLASS 7: Dies almost instantly

For example: You are a smoker, running out of tobacco, how will that affect your life? You are a diabetic. If the power goes out, your refrigerator dies, your insulin spoils, you die. Your child is allergic or an asthmatic. What would you do without access to drugs?


Do ANYTHING you can to upgrage your status. Study alternatives, plan, and think.

It is a lot easier to stop smoking now while we still have hypnosis, support groups and nicotine gum. If you or yours wear contacts, get glasses made. Contacts will be dangerous if you can not get cleaning solution, steamers or replacement disposables. If you or yours are dependant ondrugs, look into alternative medicine. Can changing your diet be just as effective? If your kid is having an asthma attack can steam from some kind of herb tea do the same job as a prescription inhaler? Get a 90 day supply of any drug that is absolutely necessary. If your doctor won't help, change doctors.

Strengthen your spirit for tough times. You may have to watch someone you care about die for lack of a couple of shots or a 30-minute medical procedure.

For the record, I am a CLASS 2 human. I am just as good as anyone else as long as my glasses don't get wet dirty or broken. I must have every pair I have gotten over the last 20 years.

Take care and good luck

PS This is my first post ever. Can someone cross post to the PREPS board please?

-- woody (, October 27, 1999

-- Dancr (addy.available@my.webpage), October 27, 1999


In addition to a spare set of glasses, you'll want a strap to make sure that whatever you're wearing will stay on your face when you're doing things you're not used to doing.

safety first.

-- nothere nothere (, October 27, 1999.

For Class 2 just some thoughts:

Denture Repair kit, adheshives, cleaners (I don't wear dentures myself, but know others who do)

Hearing aids, get spare batteries (several), maybe even an antique 'earhorn' they used years ago, it must have helped some?

-- Sammie Davis (, October 27, 1999.

For anyone on insulin--my friend's diabetes specialist said if the electricity and refrigeration go off, USE THE INSULIN, ANYWAY.

-- Mara (, October 27, 1999.

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