A Clear and Present Danger-Armageddon for th US

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709,000 Active Duty Personnel 293,000 Reserve Troops Eight standing Army Divisions 97 major military bases 20 Air Force and Navy Air Wings 2000 combat aircraft 232 strategic bombers 13 strategic ballistic missile submarines with 3114 nuclear warheads on 232 missiles 500 ICBM's with 1950 warheads 4 Aircraft Carriers 121 Surface combat ships and submarines

Plus all of the support bases, shipyards, and personnel to sustain such a force.

This would comprise a military force that would be the envy of most nations on the planet.

However,these are the US military CUTS that have taken place under the orders of the current adminstration!

In July 1997, in protest over adminstration policy, 24 military Generals retired. In other words they quit. As a last ditch effort to address the issues of preparedness, and overall conditions of the military as a whole, these 24 Generals went to see Defence Sec. Wm. Cohen. After getting nowhere they all resigned.

What has also gone largely unreported is the fact that the current admistration has overseen the destruction of nearly two-thirds of America's nuclear weapons stockpile. They have also ordered that we can no longer "launch on warning". This means that we must wait until we are attacked before we can retaliate.

On the other side of the coin, China/Russia in their recent partnership have undergone an enormous military buildup including their nuclear arsenals, using US technology that was either A. Given, B. Stolen, or C. Sold. When this administration granted China "Most Favored Nation" status, Chinese Nationals were allowed to work side by side with our own scientists in our weapons design labs, such as Los Alamos.

All of this has left America more vulnerable to attack than at any time in history. We have created a military that is attack oriented and not defence oriented. We have never had to be too concerned with being attacked on our own soil up until now. With the handing over of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian govt. who in turn gave control of canal shipping to the communist backed Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd. company, we are in a grave situation.

The US Army had over 3000 personnel, 700 Navy as well as 200 Marines stationed in the zone. The Air Force had 2000 airmen and an entire Aircraft Wing stationed at Howard AFB. By Dec. 31st these will all be gone.

The departure of the US military force will leave the Canal Zone in the hands of less than 12,000 secutity personnel. (Panama does not have a standing army) While there is no iminent threat of a military take-over of Panama, there is definitely a threat of sabotage to the Canal. If the Canal were sabotaged, our Carrier fleets and other Naval units could not provide support from one side to the other. The military cuts outlined at the beginning of this text impact us far greater than many realize. We have been lulled into such an "it can't happen here mentality" that we no longer have the capability to fight a war on our own soil!

On another note, China is quietly deploying a very strategic maneuver. They are positioning themselves to control the "choke points" of the world They have taken control of the Spratly Islands in the S. China sea, and are rapidly constructing military installations. The Molucca Straits which pass thru these islands carries 70% of sea commerce to Asia.

Now they have targeted the Panama Canal.

From 1992 to the present our troops have been sent to 32 trouble spots throughout the world. In the 31 years prior to that they had been sent to 10.

With our military decimated, the remaining troops spread so thin, most of our cruise missile inventory wasted in Yugoslavia, Chinese Nationals in our defence labs, military secrets being transfered regularly. An invasion of the US is more likely than ever. Y2K is the opportune time to initiate it.

Main Sources:

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-- Rainman (rainman@uh-oh.com), October 26, 1999


As to your multiple choice of A, B, or C, I'll pick "C", as in Crinton. See Liberty's post earlier about all the scams/murders/espionage/etc. that has gone on during Crinton's watch.

-- profit of doom (doom@helltopay.ca), October 27, 1999.

Someone hand Emperor Nero the violin please,

South Korea, Taiwan, DC, etc. could soon be burning. This subject is so depressing to comtemplate that I will return to the bright idea of y2k.

Darn, its the contrails again.

-- squid (itsdark@down.here), October 27, 1999.

Hmmm...the current military reductions were instituted in 1991...now help me to remember this...which administration was in charge then..?

Nice try though. Ok Sysops how come this thread hasn't been deleted?

-- You Knowwho (debunk@doomeridiots.com), October 27, 1999.

Cuts are one thing. Missile technology, free access to Weapons labs, Who's Justice dept. stopped the FBI's wiretap request? Who's Justice dept. pleaded Chinese Operatives "bag men"?

"Sysop delete this thread" help the poor apologist he is to weak to make a rational argument.

Nero fiddles...

-- squid (itsdark@down.here), October 27, 1999.

You-know-Who, you know nothing! My previous position was in an association in the DC area that supported several of the armed services. They were constantly trying to inform the Hill of the serious nature of the cutbacks, which were NOT all in 1991, but continued heavily during Clinton's administration! Clinton was a "dirty name" to these men and those in the services we represented!!!

It isn't only our military cutbacks, asI'm certain you already know as a disinformation specialist, but the deployment of them that he is responsible for, as well as for using our missile inventory in a profligate manner to further his own ends, NOT to help the people of Kosovo.

Also, have you any idea how badly off we are in the low number of ships we now have, and in how shipbuilding now is mainly overseas? I can tell you from my own family about layoffs in two shipyards! And did you know that there are very few merchant ships, which support our troops with supplies, to say nothing of our commerce, that fly under American flags anymore? They saved our skins in WWII. So, when TSHTF, WHO is going to protect YOU?

-- Elaine Seavey (Gods1sheep@aol.com), October 27, 1999.

Elaine, its refreshing to see that you see the significance in this. I'm amazed at the so-called "GI's" that saturate this forum, belitting the pollyanna crowd for their seeming lack of y2k awareness, and yet when something as threatening as this is brought to their attention, they try to refute insignificant bits of the whole, as if that will nulify the entire text. The other so-called "GI's" simply read it, shrug, then post "Gee, when should I buy gold" or "Who's the most compliant Celphone carrier"...Now I'll wait for the "cut and paste crowd" who unfailingly disect posts with "You said................." I think very few..actually get it.


-- Rainman (rainman@uh-oh.com), October 27, 1999.

This is indeed a sad report. I've long suspected that high treason walks certain corridors in Washington, D.C. It would appear that our national defense has been intentionally weakened. Let us hope that any rollover difficulties that may occur here in the U.S. will be an order of magnitude greater among our enemies.

-- PKM (.@...), October 27, 1999.

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