Wall Street Numbers Are In

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Markets just closed. Results are as follows:

DJIA: Down 48.12 (-0.46%)

NASDAQ: Down 3.79 (-0.13%)

S & P: Down 11.72 (-0.91%)

I watched the last fifteen minutes of this. It was fascinating. The last 12 minutes it went from -21.84 to the ending result.

-- Preparing (preparing@home.com), October 26, 1999


Gold was down too!

-- ~~~~ (~~~@~~~.com), October 26, 1999.

Preparing, have you ever watched the stock market before?.

Those are pithy losses, as a matter of fact they are typical minor losses the market has seen thousands of times.

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), October 26, 1999.

Of course Gold is down, because Andy is nowhere to be seen. Just as soon as you see the price rise even a nickel your faithful lackey they "Au Avenger" will show his ugly face. It's no coincidence that Andy was one of the first to wear out the term SHILL around here.

-- (invest@in this. !!!$%#@), October 26, 1999.

Hamster: As a matter of fact, I have watched the stock market before. And if you will re-read my posting a little more carefully this time, you will notice that I said I found it "fascinating". I made no judgment on HOW MUCH of a loss it was, now did I? Fascinating means only that--interesting. Not big, not small, not anything but interesting. Lil' bit paranoid bout it?

-- preparing (preparing@home.com), October 26, 1999.

No offense 'Preparing', but for you to call attentention to the numbers and that they were negative implies that you think this is significant.

Dow fluxs of less than two or three hundred points are almost meaningless. In fact, I'm bolstered by the fact that the market is fairly steady this close to Y2K.

-- Bryce (bryce@nospam.com), October 26, 1999.

Of some interest are the 3 Month and 1 Year charts for the Dow:

Bloom berg: Dow Indus 3 month

Bloom berg: Dow Indus 1 Year

3 months chart shows the current "correction" in progress. The 1 Year is graphic evidence of the "tired bull". From last October (a rather rare "good October" for the Dow) through mid-May, nothing but roaring, rampaging bullishness. Then it stumbles a bit, makes another run in July, declines a little, then a good jump in late August, and finally it starts a slow, steady decline from the end of August to now.

Enjoy this comparison, by the way. Come Monday, the wise heads of the Dow will be replacing Chevron, Goodyear, Sears, and Union Carbide (all of whom have been in the DJIA since the late 1930's) with Intel, Microsoft, Home Depot, and SBC Communications. Past performance will indeed be no indicator of future results. The Dow will have very different components (two of 'em from *gasp* Nasdaq), so comparisons with previous months and years may leave something to be desired.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), October 26, 1999.

Preparing, HOW is it interesting?. What is so fascinating about the numbers, the percentage or the direction?.

I went back and re-read your message 5 times and still dont know what is so interesting about a typical close on the markets.

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), October 26, 1999.

S&P 500 is even more "interesting:" each day the past two weeks, it takes a dramatic 1-1.5% sudden rise (or fall), then seems to hold that immediate jump all day, only varifying a little.

Then, the next day, it snaps to a new "opening" number, then radonmly wiggles around that 'reset" value all day. Only thing I can figure is that overnight trading volume (home-based US orders, plus overseas market trading) is so large it is minimizing the actual daylight trading going on.


Also, S&P 500 is now at about where is began the year - same point as in January and in April. (essentially no growth since last December.) But, the peak there too was in June-July, and has been zig-zagging down ever since.

Who says people aren't pulling money out?

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), October 26, 1999.

Hamster: Why do you have such a problem with the fact that I find it interesting and you don't? I bet there are things *you* find interesting that I do not. If you don't find it interesting, why even talk so much about it? Sheesh!

No offense to *you* Bryce, but I don't especially think they *are* incredibly significant. I SIMPLY reported them on this forum! Wall Street has been a topic of interest lately so I thought I would post the closing numbers since I watched it.

I mean, what the hell? Again, SHEESH!

Boy, this sure is a sensitive topic.

-- Preparing (preparing@home.com), October 26, 1999.

well, I think its interesting.

I would have thought the DOW would go up, given that Chevron,Sears,Goodyear and (who else..) were given the Heave Ho and replaced with Microsoft, Home Depot, Intel, etc.

or didn't this switcheroo take place yet?

-- plonk! (realaddress@hotmail.com), October 26, 1999.

Why are there so many hateful, vicious and childish people (on both sides of the fence) on this forum? Do you people act like this in real life or just when you can hide behind the anonymity of a computer?

I find it hard to believe that anyone could behave like this and not have someone punch him or her out.

It's like watching 8-year-olds play.

For the record I happen to agree. It has been fascinating watching the market lately (before you ask 25 years). It has been a very strange month.

Every downturn is not a sign of a crash and every up turn is not a rally. I happen to believe the market is going to go down quite a bit in the next few months. Not JUST because of Y2K (be it BITR or TEOTWAWKI) it is overvalued and people are likely to get out just in case no matter what happens. If there are fewer buyers then the market will go down.

If you base ANYTHING important in your life on the DJIA Ive got a great deal for you, cash only, small bills please.

Some of you are so caught up in "your side" that you can't see anything that contradicts your position. You have lost all subjectivity.

What was it that J.P. Morgan said about the market? "It fluctuates."

-- John Beck (eurisko111@aol.com), October 26, 1999.

John: Thank you. My thoughts, exactly. Just found it interesting. No hidden message in my original post whatsoever.

-- preparing (preparing@home.com), October 26, 1999.

Hey, I'd Like to buy 100 shares of !!!$%#@. What's it going for these days and what's the ticker symbol?

-- John F. (millenniumadrenaline@hotmail.com), October 27, 1999.

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