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Monday October 25, 12:10 PM

Chinagate's Johnny Chung Makes New Revelations in LA

This past Saturday night, Judicial Watch held a black-tie dinner honoring key Chinagate figure Johnny Chung.

The dinner, held at the Pasadena Hilton, drew politicos and media types from around the country - all to hear Chung give his first public address since the China scandal first erupted in 1996.

A Los Angeles-based businessman, Chung became a fixture at the Clinton White House (he said he visited there 57 times). During his speech, Chung spoke of being a messenger for the Clintons to the Chinese leadership. He also served the Communist Chinese, ferrying stacks of laundered cash for the Clintons and the Democratic National Committee campaign coffers.

During the reception, Chung was asked by NewsMax.com if he thought Bill Clinton was an agent of the Chinese. He responded, "I believe our president is in the back pocket of the Communist Chinese."

Chung's speech was followed by a rather lengthy address by former California congressman Robert Dornan. Introduced by comedian Jackie Mason, Dornan reviewed numerous historical topics such as the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the peacekeeping operation in Somalia - mixed in with a few literary references to William Butler Yeats.

The event, hosted by Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman, drew nearly 400 people. Attendees included Paul Rodriguez of Insight magazine, Reed Irvine of Accuracy in Media, LA radio legend Ray Briem (who broadcast live during the dinner), Hollywood conservative Peter Ford, national talk host Mike Siegal, Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson, and San Diego radio host Mark Larsen, to name a few.

Judicial Watch gave out several awards - to Robert Novak, Christopher Ruddy, Matt Drudge, Joe Farah, Paul Rodriguez, Clarence Thomas, and former California governor Jerry Brown.



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