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In considering the big picture, I ran across a letter I wrote in 1998 but never sent anywhere. This forum seems perfect. There are some addtional items that could be added (chemtrails, "UN" troops), but my question is essentially the same. It does seem, that even with no Y2K we are headed for a very BAD MOVIE. Any ideas?

Gregg _____________________________________________________ What's Really Going On? September 2nd. 1998

Today (Sept. 2nd), I arrived at a theory about what might be really going on. Coincidentally, Gary North posted an article from the John Birch Society. That article doesn't take some of the hypotheses far enough to have Gary accept them. I would like to know your views on my theory, but I would prefer comments from people that agree on several assumptions. They are:

1. David Icke's book "...and the truth shall set you free", is one of the most comprehensive summaries of the "Global Elite's" trail, organization, and goals. 2. The "Elite's" main resource and what gives them power, besides controlling companies and Governments, is their ownership of the BIS and Central Banks of the world. 3. They are subject to one of Man's strongest tendencies, self-preservation. They may not have Man's best interests at heart, but they are NOT STUPID. 4. The "Elite" would seem to have the MOST to loose, since they have control of most things worth having already.

The questions I have long pondered are:

A. Is the Y2K situation something intentional? B. Did the "Elite" make the same mistake as the rest of us and are truly "caught off guard" by Y2K? C. Whether Y2K is "intentional" or not, is there some danger that the "Elite" could gain even more control of and obtain a strangle hold on the planet? - Which then makes one wonder how they plan to survive the chaos and wind up further on top.

I believe, and we can all see, that most people are very asleep concerning Y2K and other important issues of our world, but does that mean, that even those (the BANKS) with the most to loose are? I wonder whether the "Elite", have somehow devised a way to survive. To survive what looks to be unsurvivable. It seems as if, for some unknown reason, they are allowing this crisis to happen. They are allowing it to happen, since their apparent response has been so timid. To paraphrase an article I saw at "parascope.com" - "the greatest social change can only be accomplished in a crisis", "if you are the one providing the solution to the crisis, you can profit greatly". Today, September 2, 1998, the Fed came out with "suggested testing methods" for its customer banks. (Doesn't the arrogant, open use, of the correctly worded, private-sector term customer, annoy the crap out of you - since you know that almost everyone believes the Federal Reserve is part of the Federal Government and not a privately owned bank.) To see it another way then, I guess you'd have to say we are all customers of the IRS, except that I thought customer implied the free will of the customer to purchase items from said seller.

Haven't the public releases by the BIS seemed dubiously calm?

I can't imagine how, but is it possible, that the "Elite" have somehow figured a way to keep their core structure intact, provide a means to support some type of army, and at the appropriate time issue some type of centralized currency?

What solution will they offer, at what appears will be, one of Man's darkest hours?

They probably control the 3 big outfits that supply the world much of its food. Perhaps those of us escaping to rural locations will be alerting them as to where the people that don't buy their bull---t are. I'm sure they would like to get rid of nonconformists like us. Do we, as people taking action, face a menace we have been diverted from noticing. At any rate, with so many fewer people alive after Y2K, things might be much more manageable and nice. My house is much more comfortable with 2 people in it rather than 40.

I know this seems a little wacky, but I'm sure the Atom Bomb would have seemed wacky in 1898. I try to imagine many scenarios past 2000 and none of them are very appealing at the moment. But if there is any way to avoid continued domination by the so-called "Elite", I 'd like to have as big a head start as possible.

Please forgive some of the "gaps" in my premises. I abbreviated much of the references for them, so as to keep this relatively short.


-- Gregg (g.abbott@starting-point.com), October 26, 1999



I do not think it possible that the Y2K bug was planted years ago on purpose. If for no other reason than the fact that IT departments do not report to a higher authority other than that with their own organization. Some shops instituted the use of 8 digit dates long ago as a matter of pratice. Others did not.

Eight digit dates or not there is the issue of program coding. I have churned rather complicated applications in a matter of two days or a week on a ASAP schedule with not enough consideration given to century change considerations even though I was aware of the issue. The issue was getting the application into production ASAP. Y2K consideration was something I was aware of and hoped to have time latter to go back and correct for if required.

Having said the above it is also possible that the governing elite may use Y2K problems to consolidate power; loss of more freedoms for us little guys.

-- Ed (ed@lizzardranch.com), October 26, 1999.

After reading this post, all I could picture was the "Stonecutters" episode of the Simpsons. If you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Yes Virginia, there is a vast government/industrial conspiracy that is out to get YOU. (<-- said with heavy sarcasm). Yeesh, talk about somebody needing a life. I will now don my flame retardant suit.

-- A Mazed (qwerty@abc.com), October 26, 1999.

This takes the cake. We have a winner.

The 'Conspiracy Theory of the Year' award goes to Gregg.

This place is getting loony.

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), October 26, 1999.

Hamster and amazed. I'd say "Conspiracy theory Of Our Lifetime", but it's not really my theory. If you can, in any plausible way, refute my assumptions, please try. It is a matter of public record who is on the Board of Directors of Multi-National Corps, who's in the CFR, etc.

Or do you even have any idea what that might have to do with anything?

-- Gregg (G.abbott@starting-point.com), October 26, 1999.

Gregg, I dont know what you are really trying to convey with the original message, seems like you think somehow the "elite" or the powers that be (TPTB) somehow planned that using a 2 day digit field in computers would one day give them some kind of incalculable power.

No, wait, I am not going to do this. You can spend months arguing the most stupidest things posted on this forum. I just cant believe we see more and more of them every day. I could produce hundreds of words of facts as to why Y2k is not a conspiracy but it wouldnt change the minds of the convinced. This holds true for the dozens of new conspiracies that pop up week here.

This place is just going nuts and it wont be over when 1/1/200 is long gone.

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), October 26, 1999.


I was there at the onset of JCL, CoBOL, RPG, Fortran, SPS, Pl1. It was about space. Consider the DMV of a large metropolitan center, needing to send out renewal notices to all licensed drivers, in the same month; or the State of ?? trying to send out voter registration cards to every eligible voter. Now try to do it with a Nintendo. !!A 48k Nintendo!! That's the taskmasters vision beset upon a generation of slide rule jockeys. We used every trick, every convention, every expanded mind parlay possible, to accomplish the dreamscapes of the taskmasters. Some got out, some stayed,... I quit! I needed my space!

-- Michael (mikeymac@uswest.net), October 27, 1999.

"Stonecutters" episode of the Simpsons.

One of my personal favorite Simpsons episode! The answer to the age-old question..."Who did it? We did,...we did!"

-- Donna (moment@pacbell.net), October 27, 1999.


Y2K is the result of a lot of Analysts/Programmers over the years, not looking past thier noses. Or I guess you could say, a lot of people putting the short term before long term thinking to save money and time. TIME to PAY the PIPER..

-- Slammer (billslammer@Yahoo.Com), October 27, 1999.

I was really just wondering what scenarios someone else might see occuring. You either factor in what I stated as assumptions, or not. Thought someone might have a "Big Picture" view. Clearly, if there is some "grand scheme", we as people are too fractionalized to ever put up any kind of resistance. We loose by default - so - I guess this is a moot topic.

Oh well.

-- Gregg (g.abbott@starting-point.com), October 27, 1999.

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