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Where can I get replacement filters
for Israeli gas masks?

-- spider (, October 26, 1999


AAAAAagh! Gas! Quick, boys. Dulce et decorum est. But the rumormill reccomendeth against any Israeli or US military surplus masks, unless you can verify thye are new, never-before used. THe word is the used ones having alreadu been exposed to biological agents, have killed more than a handful of those who have stored them for emergencies. I believe I heard this on SIGHTINGS 6 months back -- so it's possible Jeff Rense may have an article archived on it.

-- SH (, October 26, 1999.

I found it.

-- spider (, October 26, 1999.

They're kinda has them for $4.97 and supply the info as follows. I'm going to contact them and see if I can get a break on 50 for my neighbor and I (If I do I'll post the info).

MLT-9102 : Gas Mask Filter New Replacemnt, Our Price: $4.97

Will work for the mask we sell, MLT 9101, and will also work for an Israeli mask stamped M-5. This is a Nato Threaded Filter and can be used on a variety of gas masks . Filter lasts about three hours. Meets or exceeds U.S. Army C2 Filter requirements. Chaorcoal ASC 12X30. Glass fiber HEPA media. 100 min. at 30 lpm flow of Cyanogen Chloride Gas. 205 min. at 30 lpm of DMMP gas. Made in Israel . Will work on any Nato Threaded mask .

Hope this helps....DCK

-- Don Kulha (, October 26, 1999.

Tha are rumors. Any Gas mask on the market that was subject to biological or chemical agents would have killed the people in the warehouses first. Those agends just LOVE warm storage.Just make sure that you get NEW filters with a newer date as most of them are useless or not fully effective after 3-5 years. Find a buddy in the armed forces and get a few good ones for use in high contaminated areas and get rid of then as soon as possible. Make sure to have a smal can of talkum powder to keep the mask from craking and the rubber from desintegration. Have some vaseline handy for your skin and some mild liquid soap so that you can decontaminate yourself propper.Get an Army manual on NBC/ABC protection.

Rickjohn who was for 4 years teaching ABC/NBC protection to future NCO's at a military school.

-- Rickjohn (, October 26, 1999.

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