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I have opened a thread on the Y2K prep forum that should be self-explanatory:

"Long-Term Preparations: Have We Scratched The Surface?

I am looking for serious conversation on all sides (strong opinions welcome, but flaming will be offed). Join in.

-- BigDog (, October 26, 1999


Pre Form

-- L (, October 26, 1999.

Editor please...was in a hurry...sorry...

-- L (, October 26, 1999.

BigDog, unless I go in there and tidy up the store room, I won't be able to FIND the bloody surface, let alone scratch it. I'll pop over there shortly, should be an interesting read.

-- Old Git (, October 26, 1999.

Old git, marry me. Aussie Pauline

-- pauline jansen (, October 26, 1999.

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