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Taco Bell is nasty. The substance they call beef, the yellowish brown lettuce, the rubbery bright orange cheese product -- this is not Mexican food, people.

You know what else is gross? Those big chunks of onion McDonalds uses in their quarter pounders. Eric will risk looking like an ill-bred American and spit it out on the table before he'll swallow it.

I have to admit that I have a kind of thing for chicken mcnuggets with sweet and sour sauce, though. And KFC's gravy. And Wendy's chicken caesar salad is edible in a pinch.

-- Christine (, October 25, 1999


Popeye's is the shizzznittttt!

-- Anabela (, May 05, 2002.

Of course, I'm horribly influenced these days, when it comes to fast food... I've always had a fondness for McDonald's... this is now reinforced by the fact that I've married into the family. ;) Btw eric... those aren't *real* onions... they're reconstituted (as is most everything at McD's)

I don't know what it is about them, but Dairy Queen has always managed to slightly poison me with their burgers... One of these days I'm going to track down the buggers and teach them how to cook a burger... ;)

Taco Hell's not so bad out here -- we've actually received some of the best customer service in town from them. But then again, since we were told we were going to be forcibly removed from a Subway for asking to use the bathroom, we're very happy with even mediocre service in Edmonton..... :)

--Darren, he who just spent 8 hours tracking down PostScript problems in Adobe's InDesign, and is now quite quite irritable & twitching. (oh, and has yet *another* teaser up at the new website.... One of these days I'll have 5 minutes to sit down and actually MAKE the site. *sigh*)

-- Darren James Harkness (, October 26, 1999.

Fast food is great. You merely have to realise what you're inhaling before it goes down...

I have two all time favourites for fast food. The first is a place in Hanover, I can't remember the name but I'm pretty sure it was Frank's, or Chuck's, or some other single syllable moniker for a greasy-handed, hairy-armed, cigarette-smoking short order cook with a bad temper. After travelling all afternoon on a school bus, playing basketball and wandering the halls of JDSS in search of mischief while the juniors played, the team would line up at the counter for a large double paper bag of french fries and gravy. The smell of the gravy in combination with ketchup, vinegar, grease, hot paper bag and stinky gym clothes was so pungeant it can still make my mouth water. You never ate the whole bag though. You gave it to Ed Schmidt, who gladly funnelled the remains into his gaping maw. He also ended up eating the inside bag, which by that time had disintegrated into the gravy and soggy chips. Tired and full of fries, we would tell bad jokes and pick on Ed for the rest of the trip home, who had fallen asleep with the remnnants of somebody's bag still in his hand...

The other place is the MacDonald's in Barrie, a regular pit stop on the way home for the weekend from a week of university in Toronto. It would be late Friday night and my brother, my best buddy and I would order the same combination of uniquely chosen items (I had a special place for the hot apple pie) and eat our way to Stayner. Fast food in a car, nothing like it...

-- Michael (, October 27, 1999.

Hey Michael, that big, greasy, hairy arm-pitted short order cook is who Eric and I refer to as, CHEF!

You can find CHEFS! all over North America. We spotted our first CHEF! about four years ago in a little breakfast spot in Port Rowan called the Sunrise Cafe.

Depite their often nasty appearances, CHEFS! can cook up one hell of a plate of eggs.

-- Christine (, October 27, 1999.

I remember! Norm's! It was called Norm's and he was definitely a CHEF! Never had his breakfast, but his fries were legendary!

-- Michael (, October 28, 1999.

Fast food is not only revolting, it's a health epidemic in America. I see these overweight pigs at drive thrus, and I say to myself, what the hell is the matter with you! You deserve to die from heart disease.

I've seen the kitchens of a few of these too - so rank....the grease pits for deep frying have all kinds of crap floating around in it. You know what disgruntled employees do to the fryer grease? Sick!

Get real America, stay away from processed grease!

-- Randall Kay (, June 17, 2002.

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