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InfoWorld Provides IT Battle Plan for Y2K


"The InfoWorld Test Center Action Plan suggests detailed actions for Y2K rollover, and outlines four areas where IT managers should be prepared for trouble:

- Failure of critical business applications; Disruption of service from key suppliers, such as utilities, telecomm, support companies; Environmental failures in building facilities, transportation, food supply; and Social unrest resulting in riots, terrorism, or mischievous phone calls. "

This should be a good issue to read...

-- hamster (, October 25, 1999


Mischievous phone calls?!? OmyGod! I never thought of that one! Does that include the heavy breathers, or just the people who cackle and snort on the phone?

Gawd... what are we going to do if our lives are disrupted by mischievous phone calls? The mind boggles! Before you know it, planes will be falling from the sky, and our toasters will be exploding, and our VCR's won't let us program re-runs of the Seinfeld show.

Sorry... it's been a long day.


-- Ed Yourdon (, October 25, 1999.

No, No, NO

Failure of critical business application is NOT the problem. It's those darn people. Those idiots I thought. BITR baby....

-- PJC (, October 25, 1999.

Yes, and it ESCALATES too. First you have riots. Then, terrorism, Then, horrors, MISCHIEVOUS phone calls.

Hey, at least the phones will be working.

-- BigDog (, October 25, 1999.

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