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I'm now training a dragon and i dunno which stats to concentrate on... i need a high skill monster as my friends' speed is at least 800++ .. so now i cannot concentrate on all the skills ... any comments are welcomed !!!

-- Zendi (breeks@mbox5.singnet.com.sg), October 25, 1999


Skill is definitely a must. When I train a dragon, i usually start the first year training it at Life & Ski. when Life is about 300, i concentrate on other stats. Go on errantries often so that you can get the dragon's distance 4 attack which is (i think an A or S in Force and a C in Accuracy).

The best tip i can give you is slate a dragon from MR1. Me, i won't run out of dragons, I have 5 stats-maxxed-out dragons from MR1 (all types except Dragon-Gali, & Apocolis). This way you can easily get Life to 700 in no time as stats will start at 200-270.

Also, don't neglect Def, just give it enough (about 300-350).

-- Vanman (vanman@i-manila.com.ph), October 25, 1999.

i was told that you have to be in B class and you'll get an invite like 2 months before the tourney. well stupid me i wasted my monsters life (3 years) trying to get the invite, but yet still no invite. now i was told i might need my stable upgraded again ccause it's only been updated once so far. is it true i need an update on my stable?? if this isn't so can you tell me what i'm doing wrong, and someone tell me who is that santa clause guy??

-- rick (rlrdmelia@aol.com), November 16, 1999.

That Santa Clause guy is a special Wracky (I think) from Mariah Carrey's(?) Christmas.

-- Zack (belgrath16@aol.com), November 19, 1999.

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