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My name is Tim Beal and I will be graudeting in Spring 2000 from Dominican College in San Rafael. I will have a BA in MIS, and I would like to gain a MBA in E-biz. I have looked at your class requirments and I have all ready completed two of the classes E-biz enterprise planning and E-biz marketing. I am very very interested in any and all information you have from beging to end of what I need to due to recieve a masters in E-Commerce. Please send info. via e-mail to or to my advisor: Christian Dean 50 Acacia Ave. San Rafael,CA 94901 Att. Tim Beal

Thank You Tim Beal

-- Tim Beal (, October 25, 1999


Tim, in order to get an MBA in E-Business you need to enroll in the MBA program at the University of San Francisco ( and take three or more e-business electives. Contact Cathy Fusco (415- 422-6314) for admissions information.

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to seeing you in class.

-- Chuck Ehrlich (, October 25, 1999.

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