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All's Fair! What say ye woman out there? What would be your ideal Post-Y2K man? I say he should be loving, supportive of our needs, hard worker, understanding when we PMS, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound!

-- Debi (, October 24, 1999


What irony... Gates is at the bottom of my page... :-)

-- Michael Erskine (, October 24, 1999.

My ideal post-Y2K man is able to do almost anything and teaches me everything he knows that I do not know. He is also humble enough to realize there are things I know about that he needs to learn. To quote Anne Heche in "Six Days, Seven Nights": "Aren't you one of those men who know how to do things?" Harrison Ford: "DO things?" Anne Heche: "Yeah, you know, one of those men who go into the jungle with a handful of toothpicks and build a mall or something!"

Something like that. A man who knows how to live off the land and isn't afraid of things that go bump in the night. A man with good aim (hee hee hee--I *love* double entendres.) A man who is extra warm at night. A man who will defend his family and home with everything he has.

A man who expects the same from me!

Hey, I just described my husband. Lucky me.

-- Preparing (, October 24, 1999.

I like a man who doesn't have his head up his butt...the only one I know is my husband.

-- Mabel Dodge (, October 24, 1999.


The Postman. See the Postman. Or better yet, read the book. Of course all this depends on how Y2k actually turns out. Someone that is a super person to have around in a 1 scenario would probably be a disaster to you in a 10 scenario, and vice-versa. How much trouble are you planning on, and for how long? I'm tempted to add the KOS speciality, but I'll let him ask you that himself. He has the seniority.

-- Gordon (, October 24, 1999.

Thank you, Debi.

My standard for male attractiveness ought to be very pertinent in the post-crash world: I like men who know how to do skilled work w/ their hands, because then they know what *else* to do w/ their hands...nifty, eh?

He also has to have beautiful lines around his mouth.

-- silver ion (, October 24, 1999.

Gordon, I'm expecting an 8+ from all I've read around here. Prepping for it to. Luckily, I got a GI hubby off the internet (AOL) 4 years ago (yup, we met online). He's pretty handy to have around for fixing things. And when I can get his butt off the computer, he'll work real hard for a day.

-- Debi (, October 24, 1999.

John Koskinen is the ultimate Y2K Man.

-- Butt Nugget (, October 24, 1999.

The ideal post-Y2K male would remember to return to the closed position the seat of the camping toilet.

-- Old Git (, October 24, 1999.

The ideal post y2k man would have the qualities of Mel Gibson,(Braveheart, as he would protect me), that handy man on T.V.(can't think of his name right now, but he would keep everything in good shape), and Robert Redford who might let this old lady warm her cold feet on him if the furnace goes off.

-- Betty Alice (, October 24, 1999.

The ideal post-Y2K man to make the ideal post-Y2K woman swoon on the farm ;^)

He must be as generous, witty, and endowed with disciplined expertise as Ed Yourdon; as sweet and loving as Michael Taylor; as clear and sure as Paul Milne; as eloquent as Spidey; as good a shot as Arlin; as level-headed in emergencies and medically-savvy as Chuck; as poetic and patriotic as Hardliner; as common-sensible and decent as Arnie Rimmer; as forcefully righteous and as good a story-teller as Invar; as knowledgeable as Nikoli; as aware as Liberty; as funny and nature-noticing as Rob Michaels; as cut-thru-the-chaff as a@a.a; as one-pointedly fixated as KoS; as Net adept as Linkmeister; as visionary as David B; as selflessly pulling-together as pshannon; as golden as Andy; as patiently explaining and proficient as Robert Cook; as HTML-hard-working as Brian; as gracious as Stan; as interesting and bubbly as Helium; as daring as c4i, as inventive as mikey mac, as wonderful as Lon Frank; as effective a leader as the Squirrel King; as prepared as DanTCC; as clear-eyed think-ahead as Mitchell; as link-finding as Gary; as moderate and polite as Lane; as thoughtful as Jon; as respectful as Lobo; as wholesome as Tom Carey; as affirming as Bingo1; as work-hard and sharing as Dr. Schenker; as complimentary as Dave; as biting with come-back as Uncle Deedah; as in the groove as @; with keener memory than I have right now!

Yet all this, and more, completely pales next to Ashton :-) Ashton is the ideal pre-progressing-post Y2K man as there could ever be! Absolutely the most-everything man forever!

-- Leska (, October 24, 1999.

The guy with the GOLD!!!!!!!

-- Andy (, October 24, 1999.

Leska, that was a lovely itemized accounting, and it looks like you have your soul mate.

Debi, that part about being on the computer too much, but can do a days work if required to, sounds like what my wife is saying to me these last few months. :-)

-- Gordon (, October 24, 1999.

I suspect the ideal mate, either male or female, is someone who survived.


-- Man From Uncle 1999 (, October 24, 1999.

Describe the Ideal Post-Y2K Man......Anne Heche.

-- XXX (XXX@XXX.XXX), October 24, 1999.


-- prefer real man (no@substitutes.match), October 24, 1999.


-- Selma Bouvier (, October 25, 1999.


GRIN--SMILE--LOL--CRYING--and..,I wish is new how to spellspeak a heart filled to over flowing. In your short post, you captured as much Love and romance as I have felt in all the movies I've seen, all the books I've read, all the dreams I've dreamt. How awesomely beautiful. You two are what the Creator had prepared for mankind. I am in awe, a bit envious, and completely gratified to know you, AL. (he-he) sorry, couldn't resist the last bit. See ya soon.

PS. Ashton.. You da man!

-- Michael (, October 25, 1999.

Hi Michael! You're a fine specimen of manhood yourself! And soon your can-do attitude and amazing skills will be recognized and much in demand.

Please forgive us for not getting back to you -- we're woefully behind on eMails *cringe*

It sure would be fun to get the whole kit 'n kaboodle of Yourdynamites all together in one (padded) place for a week ... whoooboy!

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, October 25, 1999.

any suggestions on how to find him in 2 months?

-- now or never (share@beans.rice), October 25, 1999.

put an ad out on this board

-- might work (, October 25, 1999.

Leska, how lovely a tribute to many of the good men on this forum! Any of those you listed, plus some others that come to mind, would be the ideal post-Y2K man, for the very reasons you poetically listed. I, too, salute them all.

MFU, your answer is a great chuckle...but all too true!!! LOL.

-- Elaine Seavey (, October 25, 1999.

On Notification of your Glorious Compliment to Me, I have Instructed my loyal Followers to gaurd for you and your Furless-Ape Mate!!!You will be known as Lady Leska, First of the Furless-Female Apes!!!When the Revolution has run its Course, You will be First among Women and Men!!!I Bow in Deference to you Wisdom!!!Long Live Lady Leska and The Rodent Revolution!!!

-- The Squirrel King (Still Nuts@upina.Tree), October 25, 1999.

Thanks, Squirrel King! We've been worried about the defense thing and stumped as to how to acquire GI bodyguards. Have lots of hazelnuts. We welcome your Revolution! Heaven knows the furless Apes have blown it big-time.

-- Lady Leska, preening before the Crown (, October 25, 1999.

One who is well (and equally) prepared for S.O.P., global depression, or a full crash; with a central part of that preparation being ready to help friends and family.

That takes:

A. Good location: good farm land in low-density area - including wooded acreage and flowing water.

B. Stores: food, seed, tools, etc.

C. Cash and the ability to live without it.

D. Knowledge from experience; and from others (whether in person, books, magazines, whatever).

E. Good attitude: not fatalistic, not paranoid, and not selfish.

-- Gus (, October 25, 1999.

Wanted: one industrious hunk, good with splitting ax (no splitting hairs), able to devise low-tech mechanical workarounds quickly and with an even temper. Able to be polite but firm to neighbors. Should have researched Y2K enough by now to be over the waffles. Should be able to cook over camp stove, sterno, and BBQ. Fishing and hunting experience. Patient and willing to teach children skills.

Are there any personal ads in the archives? Samples?

-- Lonely Y2K gal (, October 26, 1999.

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