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Thank you all for responses to my question of personal safety in now that iam exposed. Some gave me a good laugh and believe me I needed that. To the one who sent me an email by mistake I forgive you no problem. One said buy extra and share. Let me give you all a warning on that. Should you want to share may I suggest you do it at 3 am in the morning anonomously. Once the word is out you have what they dont you will be mobbed and maybe overtaken.

The best answer was to find a big man with a big gun and invite him to stay with me along with a big dog or two.

Seriously, people I do thank you. I got some good advice but a good laugh was needed too. God bless all of you!!!

-- Susan E. Barrett (, October 23, 1999



I'm available.

-- Big Man with a Big Gun (allIneedis@dog.ok?), October 23, 1999.

Sue, I agree.....reminds me of the Northridge Quake. We were red tagged and fled the city to a rural area. A local good guy who owned a pizza parlor heard that folks in L.A. were hungry so he made a bunch of pizzas and drove 2 1/2 hours to deliver them at tent city. The red cross told him "Sorry, we can't accept your pizzas because if you don't have enough for everyone here....there will be a riot and people will be pushing and shoving to get their hands on that mozzerella". This really depressed Mike the good hearted Pizza man. Two years later he shot himself. No

-- Marilyn (, October 23, 1999.

No Kidding. That was the last word. Y2K screwing up the last word...

-- Marilyn (, October 23, 1999.

NO, pick ME!!

-- Bigger Man with Many Guns (IHAVE@DOG.TOO), October 24, 1999.

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