-- SaSy Superior (, October 23, 1999


NO! Sony has dropped VCD support in the PSX2 and will drop them in DVD Players manufactured in the U.S. after January 2000.

-- DVD Fury (, October 23, 1999.

PS2 is a load of crap then if it cannot play vcd. Waste of space, I'd say.

-- Eldrick T. Woods (, April 27, 2001.

dreamcast can play vcd and is sucks sideways, its all a matter of time befor it all comes on the sony,

-- krades (, January 18, 2002.

The PS2 Can actually play VCD and SVCD discs as long as u have some way of booting the final discs. here is a guide:

ps2 reality lets u play xvid, divx and mp3 on your ps2. here is a guide i made that will show you how to use it:

How to make a divx/xvid/mp3 disc with ps2 reality 1.28 Beta

Tools you will need:

PS2 Reailty Player 1.28 Beta (1.28 is the current release that will play divx/xvid/mp3)

Daemon Tools or something similiar to mount an image. I use alcohol 120%

CDRWIN or Fireburner

WinRaR or something similiar that supports .rar

Getting Started

1) Open you .rar file and unzip them into a folder.

2) Open Daemon Tools or something similiar, and mount the ps2 reailty image.

3) Go to My Computer and go to the virtual drive, copy the files into another folder

4) Go to the folder that you just copied and unzip cdgenps2 into the same folder.

Making and Burning the Image File:

1) Open cdgenps2.exe

2) Drag the 4 main files. install.cnf , ps2media.elf , system.cnf , virtual irx

3) Drag your divx , xvid , mp3's last.

4) you should now have a list in this order:

install.cnf ps2media.elf system.cnf virtual.irx movie or mp3

5) Next go to File then Save Image.

6) Save the image as a bin/cue in a folder. ( after this step it will look like windows has frozen, but just wait, it will finish

7) Open up CDRWIN and click on the top left icon. (Record Disc)

8) On the right hand side, you will see a button named Load Cuesheet , click here and then select the cue file you made earlier.

9) On the bottom switch the speed to 2x, then on the right hand side click Start Recording.

10) You should have created a succesfull divx/xvid/mp3 disc !!!!

Booting Instructions.

Note: You must have some sort of booting method to play backups. (magic3.1 , messiah2 , flip top + swap magic boot disc, swipe card +swap magic)

1) Put the Disc in and boot as how you would boot a backup game.

2) Select the Language that you would prefer , press start and await the next screen.

3) You will now have a menu: Configuration Credits Browser Play

4) Go to Configuration and Centre the Screen and switch to your video mode. (If you have a memory card, you can save these settings)

5) Go back and go to browser, go down to your movie and hit play. It should start in about 10 seconds. (some movies take a real long time, just wait a while, it should come up)

a modchip is not required but some kind of booting method to play backups is... something like swipe card and smd, or flip top and smd are no mod solution.

hope it helps!

-- Ps2 advice (, July 22, 2003.

thanks foe the instructions. i have done the cd and its works, but the movie is stops for 1 second and starts againe and againe to the end. is there any other way to fix that.

-- ammar makki (, April 13, 2004.

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