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I finally got a beaclon. The trick is to making a worm have a high loyalty is by raising it "even" style. That means you have to scold it more than you don't scold them.

My pure-bred worm was born June 1st wk and 4yrs & 4 wks later, in came the Beaclon. It's pretty cool looking but when you look at it's techniques, its quite lackluster. One very good thing to say about it is that it makes for pretty interesting combining results.

-- Vanman (, October 23, 1999


yeah, I got mine too, he's pretty funky lookin. but my quesitojn is, how long can I expect him to live? he's already about 4 yrs 6 mo.s, (beaclon fro about 2 months) how much loner will he live?

-- MaTT (, October 23, 1999.

I guess it depends on your style of breeding. y'see, i drilled him, instead of the usual hard-normal-normal-rest, i did normal X 4-rest. using this style, my beaclon lived up to 6yrs 2mos (with silver peach).

-- Vanman (, October 24, 1999.

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