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I have seen some mention of men worried about how to pay the Mother of their children child support after y2 if there are massive problems. I guess part of the response depends on who has child custody and how far the father/mother lives.

Here is an idea. I am stocking up on extra food items now, hopefully enough to feed 5 children and my wife for a few months. If it is that bad, we can bet the price of most food will skyrocket. I figure I might be able to make a deal with my beloved that she take food instead of cash for payments.

Just an idea.

-- hub (, October 22, 1999


I think your ex will want you to move back in to take care of her and the kids. If that isn't an option, ask to take the kids and leave her where she's at. The kids are the most important.

-- ^^^^ (^^^^^^@^^^^.xcom), October 22, 1999.

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