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Please provide your input on the question regarding our policy of accepting sponsorship from energy "producing" companies. Keep your response short, respectful and directly related to the question.

-- Anonymous, October 22, 1999


Welcome to the world of online forum-ing! My perception is that we need to include the beast in the solution. Alienation builds fences, not bridges. With this said, I realize the fence may be too high for us to hurdle in our limited time. I would like to find a way to get companies like PSCo involved.

-- Anonymous, October 22, 1999

I'd like to figure out a way for companies like PSCo both to be involved and for the Earth Day campaign to shine the spotlight on what *more* they can do. PSCo, as one example, is an energy provider that has reluctantly provided renewable energy. Their top brass doesn't believe in the stuff, truth be known. If we are to simply welcome them into the Earth Day fold, we do their greenwashing for them. Can we accept sponsorship from them for the Solar Schools scholarships and ask clarity on their plans to increase, for their customers, the avilability of renewable energy too?

-- Anonymous, October 22, 1999

PSCo is probably my least favorite company - I am moderately proud of the fact that Fred Stoffel lost his cool with me over the issue of global warming during the last IRP, We can be assured they will use CED2k to brighten their image - whether we exclude them or not. They will continue to try to make renewables only a voluntary green pricing (as little in the rate base as possible) program Despite this negative prediction, I think we really need to get them into CED2k sponsorship - if we are going to get more RE in the rate base. The timing is outstanding. 1. a merger docket (I am writing CRES questions right now); 2. an IRP process that will start on October 31. I'd like to see them on the hot seat right away with the existing rules just passed by the MB on Oct. 22. We win whatever they do. We lose if we keep them out. If they refuse to sign on and then can't contribute, I think they are the losers. I'm voting essentially with Kevin Opp. And holding my nose. Ron

-- Anonymous, October 23, 1999

I would like to see PSCo contribute money to enhance the solar schools program. As it stands, those pv systems will languish on rooftops without further educational resources. They should be on the hook for paying for those additional resoures. I would like to ask for $10k to implement the solar shcools challenge. And absolutely, they should be in the hot seat for providing additional wind. My understanding (from Rudd) is that they will continue to build in 5MW increments as long as their is customer interest. Would be good to hear that from them.

-- Anonymous, October 25, 1999

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