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Man Gets Mystery IRS Check - (MORENO VALLEY) -- A Moreno Valley man wonders if it's trick or treat when he gets a mysterious 17-thousand-600-dollar check from the I-R-S. Vernon Russell had called the tax agency to say he would be late with a monthly installment on a three-year-old tax bill. The worker said not to worry because his tax bill was paid and a refund of more than 17-thousand dollars was on its way. Russell got the check but refused to cash it, not wanting to run afoul of the I-R-S. Says Russell, "I don't want to mess with the mob or the I-R-S. Their interest rates are about the same." It turns out he was right to wait. The I-R-S said the check was a mistake, the result of a computer glitch.

-- Homer Beanfang (, October 22, 1999


Yeah, if hedda cashed that IRS check hedda had them at his door, the Whole Alphabet Gang, blow the locks off and come busting in shooting and looting and vandalizing. Dead man, no apologies.

-- ize paid my taxes (, October 22, 1999.

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