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I believe I have previously read in this forum that Ed Yourdon speculated that only 1 to 2% of all Americans were making any real and substantial Y2K preparations.

Those of you that live in identified earthquake prone areas should have your Y2K supplies stored in a shed, garage, or other structure that you can gain access to without further endangering your personal safety due to electrical hazards or potential gas leaks, etc. from earthquake damage.

This coming weekend the planet Jupiter will be the nearest it has been to the planet earth, and the farthest it has been from the Sun in approximately eleven years. In fact, at one point the three will be in direct alignment, with the earth in the middle.

The last time this occurred Northern California experienced the major earthquake near Carmel that collasped the freeway. Airline Jets also seemed to fall from the sky for no apparent good reason. There is a real science reason, however attempting to educate the masses at this point on how interplantary positioning affects their lives would take up too much space. And too many of you argue for the sake of hearing your own voice, or reading your own words.

At any rate, folks in Calif. in particular, never fail to amaze me with their blase attitude towards personal preparedness. I remember the ARC pleading for national financial aid 11 years ago because the local Californians had depleted all the emergency supplies the ARC had there within 72 hours of the earthquake.

I am talking common sense things like extra blankets, two days of extra food. Not real supplies like drinking water, extended food supplies, tents, or alternative heating and cooking equipment.

With everything else that has happened on planet earth within the past six months, don't expect your government or any disaster emergency relief organization to be there to provide you with what you should have already prepared for yourself. They just don't have the manpower or budget to take care of everyone. You are most definitely on your own from here on out.

-- C. Gerges (quake@study.sci), October 21, 1999


C. Gerges,

Just trying to alignn my alignments here, are you referring to the Doris Day overpass or the Clint Eastwood expressway collapse?

-- flora (***@__._), October 21, 1999.

The gravitaional pull from all the planets
if they are in line is only 1/11 of the
difference between the moon at its closest
and the moon at its furthest.

-- spider (spider0@usa.net), October 21, 1999.


Now you've got me stumped. I just remember there were plenty of dead bodies.

-- C. Gerges (quake@study.sci), October 21, 1999.

Here in New Jersey, where everyone knows Earthquakes never happen... In 1981, whilest taking our SAT's in the school cafeteria, there was a sudden rumbling and shaking that lasted 5 whole seconds. Long enough for everyone to burst into nervous laughter and wonder aloud "what the heck WAS that?". Procters quickly passed it off as a "sonic boom", but we learned later that day that we had indeed had an earthquake, centered in Cheesequake NJ (aptly named?). I'll never forget that sound or feeling, that weird moment. So it's been 18 years...I always wonder how the East Coast would react to a "REAL" earthquake. There are fault lines here, but they never seem to budge. Talk about unprepared,..at least the West Coast has experience with the darn things!

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), October 21, 1999.

C. Gerges,

I think you're blowing smoke, sweetheart. Smack Al-d for me ---oopsie--

I mean-

A shakey smooch to ya from the faultlines

-- flora (***@__._), October 21, 1999.


How far is Cheesequake from Succasunna?

-- C. Gerges (quake@study.sci), October 21, 1999.

-- flora,

If I am blowing smoke, you will know with absolute certainty within the next minus 150 hours and counting...

I am C. Gerges, not Nostrildumbass, and there is a proven methodology to my conclusions. Whether you choose to believe or heed is up to you.

On a lighter note, in the movie Independence Day, there was a reason that the film writers had the masses in California get on their rooftops to greet the aliens, rather than take precautionary measures like the rest of the country. You figure it out.

-- C. Gerges (quake@study.sci), October 21, 1999.

I remember a small earthquake in Northern NJ in 1985 or '86. It woke me up. I knew what it was, being a California kid. I was also in San Francisco for the '89 quake. That was no fun...

-- (pshannon@inch.com), October 21, 1999.

C. Gerges,

Thanks for the notification, I'll mark my calendar. As a precaution I've decided to get a flu shot - since I had the flu for the Sylmar quake of '71, and I will not make a batch of play dough - since that's what I'd done moments before the Loma Prieta hit in '89.

It's nice to see that, according to you and the big brains of Hollywood, the rest of the country has enough sense to prepare for the possibilities of disaster.

-- flora (***@__._), October 21, 1999.

-- flora

I detect a negative attitude. Leave your computer for awhile and go out and get some fresh air and some of that "sunshine" that California is famous for. I have been told it has beneficial effects on the body, mind, and spirit that result in more positive thinking. :-)

The room your computer is located may have an ion imbalance on the negative side.

-- C. Gerges (quake@study.sci), October 21, 1999.

Christine: what, you have a ephemeris?

-- lisa (lisa@work.lisa), October 21, 1999.


I am not ephemeral, just trying to help emphasis the revelance of preparation to others that see personal preps as a triviality.

Excuse me for leaving now, but I have significant, extensive, and more relevant items on my agenda today than lurking here longer.

BTW Lisa, my first name is not Christine. Someone else posted something to that effect in a previous thread, in an attempt to confuse everyone.

-- C. Gerges (quake@study.sci), October 21, 1999.

Succasunna, huh? I had to look that one up on the map. Cheesequake is about 35m SE from Succasunna. Now I'm wondering why you asked? Is that where a fault is, or someone ya know lives there? Just curious.

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), October 21, 1999.

-- kritter

Don't be afraid, be prepared. That is all. Bye for this week.

-- C. Gerges (quake@study.sci), October 21, 1999.

C. Gerges,

I'm detecting an imbalance in your environment as well, are we overdue for a latte?


-- flora (***@__._), October 21, 1999.

I heard recently that because of the recent So Cal quake there is actually a newly heightened risk along the South Madrid fault [?] back east. I believe this is the same fault that shifted the course of the Mississippi 100 miles and killed a mess of people back in the 1800's.

No doubt, there are more on the way : )

Thanks C.G. I'm much more prepared for such an event here in So Cal now than I was two years ago.



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), October 21, 1999.

C. Gerges--Ever since the Loma Prieta earthquake, I have made it a point to have extra food and water on hand. It was the worst earthquake I have ever been in. Whether you are right or wrong, it doesn't matter because one should be prepared. My sister commutes everyday from Burlingame to Concord and she has survival stuff in the back of her car just in case she can't make it home. I know that a lot of businesses have on hand emergency supplies for 2 days just in case. Carry an extra pair of tennis shoes in your car in case you have to walk home. If you have children and it hits while they are at school, have a plan for their safety if you cannot reach them. Just too much to plan for on top of Y2K, but it's necessary. But you are right, people are just too plain lazy and they do not believe anything bad will happen to them.

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), October 21, 1999.

New Madrid fault line. Runs from Arkansas up through Nebraska. When it qualed in the 1800's it rang church bells as far as Boston. They have been saying for the last few years it is overdue. Last night there was a 3.9 in Donipan county, Missouri. ( northeast part). I think its getting ready to blow. Put 2 and 2 together folks. The solar flares and other cosmic pattterns were predicted to cause problems. Started in Turkey, now since then who else has had quakes and how bad ?

-- (vetrying@hotmail.com), October 21, 1999.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Earthquake Center, New Madrid Fault Zone--good maps, info, latest news, etc.


-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), October 21, 1999.

ahh come on guys, ya know the next one is gonna hit NEW YORK. Where no one is prepared for anything


These planetary alignments never seem to have any effect on Earth at all. The gravitational force from these events is so weak it can't do anything. I remember the so-called "Jupiter Effect" of March 10th, 1982, that was such a bust, and there is supposed to be a big alignment coming up on May 5th, 2000. Big deal. I bet nothing happens on that date either.

-- Ohio Bob (ohiobob@buckeyestate.com), October 21, 1999.

"The New Madrid fault system extends 120 miles southward from the area of Charleston, Missouri, and Cairo Illinois, through New Madrid and Caruthersville, following Interstate 55 to Blytheville and on down to Marked Tree, Arkansas.

The fault area crosses into five states, including Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Its a complex zone of seimically active fractures in bedrock buried several thousand feet beneath the river sands and muds.

The fault is currently active and averages more than 200 events per year (measuring about 1.0 or more on the Richter scale).

...The highest earthquake risk in the US, outside of the west coast, is along the New Madrid Fault. Adamaging earthquake, of about 6.0 or greater, occurs about every 80 years. There is a 50% chance of such a quake by the year 2000.

...the probability is 1% that an 8.0 earthquake will occur by the year 2000.

...During the winter of 1811-1812, a series of more than 2000 (two thousand) shocks were felt in five months. More than a dozen of the shocks rang church bells on the Eastern coast of th US.

Five of these earthquakes were reported to be an 8.0 or more in magnitude. The land in the Missouri Bootheel was destroyed and rendered unfarmable for several years. It was the largest burst of seismic energy east of the Rocky Mountains in the history of the US and was several times larger than the San Francisco quake of 1905".

from-- http://www.imsa.edu/team/spi/SADVI/studentsimsa/dd/g3/page3.html

Because the area was sparsely populated and undeveloped, there was not a lot of monetary damage or loss of life. The Mississippi river ran backwards, prairies turned into swamps, forests were leveled and huge sand boils erupted all over bottom land. The town of New Madrid was destroyed-- it actually sank 15 feet.

-- Sam Mcgee (weissacre@gwtc.net), October 21, 1999.

* Y2K is Real.
* Y2K is a sub-set of the Millennium Problem.
go back to sleep Bob.

-- Dan G (earth_changes@hotmail.com), October 21, 1999.

C. Gerges,

There's not much more time to waste according to your past post where you predicted the western states were going to be demolished by November.

In keeping with the spirit of that thread, I've decided to bequeath a dictionary to you - you can use it to find out what an ephemeris is.

-- flora (**@__._), October 21, 1999.


Do you, by any lucky chance, have a link for the info re the recent CA quake heightening risks for New Madrid? I live within shoutin distance of the place -- didn't feel yesterday's 3.9, though.

C. Gerges

No need to be coy. If you have a theory or system for determining quake activity, I'm willing to listen. The email is real.

-- Anita Evangelista (ale@townsqr.com), October 21, 1999.

Flora, I do have an ephemeris. Thanks for the reminder--it'll be out of date 12/31/00.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), October 22, 1999.

Dan G, I never said that Y2K wasn't real or part of the "Millennium Problem" (whatever that is), but I'm convinced that these planetary alignments are not worth worrying about at all. C. Gerges earthquake predictions are interesting, but I highly doubt that they will come true.

-- Ohio Bob (ohiobob@buckeyestate.com), October 22, 1999.

Planetary alignments causing gravity to mess up the earth? Nope. Not real.

Solar flares in 2000?...A definite possibility. Solar sentience as in "life as we DON'T know it in the Sun?"...An intriguing and far-fetched possibility. Solar activity coinciding with politico-economic changes??...Maybe, but difficult to prove or measure.

-- coprolith (coprolith@rocketship.com), October 22, 1999.

Personally I don't think it was just a coincidence that within a few days after the last total eclipse, when the Sun and the Moon combined had done some major tugging on the Earth's crust during totality directly above Turkey, that they experienced a MAJOR earthquake. I'm not quite ready to write off the possibility that forces in the heavens are having some influences on life on Earth. We are by no means isolated in a vacuum completely unaffected by external energy.

-- @ (@@@.@), October 22, 1999.


Sorry, no link. Since I live in So Cal we're being constantly hit with news from Cal Tech regarding the recent 7.1 and current aftershocks. It was during one of those news reports that I heard the info.

Now...was this accurate reporting? Well, who knows? : )

I'll see if I can dig anything up.



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), October 22, 1999.

Small events can trigger big events.

A fraction of a volt chnage on the base or gate of a semiconductor can control many milliamps or amps, which in turn can throw a relay, which in turn can turn on or off a megawatt power source.

And, to revive Andy's quote of some time ago:

Two digits. One mechanism. The smallest mistake.

"The conveniences and comforts of humanity in general will be linked up by one mechanism, which will produce comforts and convenience beyond human imagination. But the smallest mistake will bring the whole mechanism to a certain collapse. In this way the end of the world will be brought about." -- Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, 1922 (Sufi Prophet)

-- A (A@AisA.com), October 22, 1999.

Anita THe quake was felt in NW MO. Doniphan county. Not along the fault line according to Sam. Is there another fault line? My son lives there and things fell off dresser and shook dishes. Not a biggy, but I had lived there many years and never felt one.

-- ve (trying@hotmail.com), October 22, 1999.

C. Gerges, hon,

Y'all be sure to let me know when it's safe to come out from under the bedcovers, -Kay?.

-- flora (***@__._), October 25, 1999.

Flora, you can come out now, the coast is still there, so are the mountains and hillsides. It's a beautiful day for a walk on the beach and a night out in San Francisco.

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), October 25, 1999.

Thanks for the all clear bardou,

San Francisco, sheesh, you're making me hungry! Guess your plans for the B&B are stll on hold, huh?!

Take care,

-- flora (***@__._), October 25, 1999.

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