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"The company has remediated and tested the ..."

(They are conducting their own tests. What about IV & V?)

",,,no complete assurance of risk avoidance can be given."

(Not very comforting to someone like me who lives within 5 miles of a plant.)

"The company may also experience lost revenues in the event any of its customers experience y2k problems..."

(Is this a message to the stockholders?)

-- Cant Say (, October 20, 1999


Last earnings report was pretty dismal too. If you look at some of Geri (Geudetti's?) writings, Monsanto has been big in pushing an, I believe genetically engineered, seed type varient which is infertile and generates NO seed after the growing season. This would force farmers to rely on Monsanto for the next years seed crop. I have no problem at all without Monsanto doing poorly, in fact we might be a lot better off if they went out of business.

-- PD (, October 21, 1999.

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