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What you give energy to becomes powerful, so with all the fear, name calling, goverment bashing, etc flying around here, I thought I'd add my 2" to change the balance a little. BTW, I've preppin since 97....The other day I heard the definition of love as---"an act of impractical compassion"---Even with my disability, because of my preps, I know I'll be bein impractical soon. I know the caveats. Any other definitions out there?....Still smilin at both ends, Alobar

-- Alobar (, October 20, 1999


I don't have the energy to give a compassionate answer. Why do people who have disabilities on this forum keep pointing them out? They never seem to try to overcome them or tell a story how they have overcome. We need inspiration not desperation.

-- weary of it all (wearyofitall@wearyofitalll.xcom), October 20, 1999.

I'll try to remember to tell that to a jewish person the next time I see one with a number tatooed on their arm. I'm sure they'll find that enlightening.

Or when my neighbors are dragged away in the middle of the night because their opinions are too right-of-center for the "emergency" government, I'll try to remember that they brought it on themeselves by thinking negative thoughts.

I'm a "government basher" because A) They seem to think they can attack the American people with military force on the thinnest pretext, burn children and lie about it with impunity, and B) Not enough people seem to bother objecting to this in terms that are appropriately strong, so it falls to me and my ilk. I don't think these criminals feed of our "energy" - I think they feed off our LACK of energy.


-- Liberty (, October 20, 1999.

Why should the Jews or anyone else keep going around saying woe is me? It was an atrocity what happened to the Jews, no words can describe, nor can the later generation forget. Some have picked themselves up and they carry on to become successful people. The tatooed generation are almost gone, coming to the end of their life. I don't want to look at the past anymore, I am concerned about the future. Even the Bible will all it's murder and mayhem is too much for me to handle.

What neighbors of yours have been dragged away in the middle of the night by the government? It COULD happen, ANYTHING could happen. I agree, the goverment has done some terrible things to its citizens. But now is the time for comraderie and not look to ourselves and our infirmities. BTW, Alobar doesn't like government bashing, and as long as he keeps looking at his disabilities as a crutch or a way for people to feel sorry for him/her, he has already given up regardless of his/her preps. We need inspiration not desperation.

-- weary of it all (wearyofitall@wearyofitall.xcom), October 20, 1999.

"Those that refuse to learn from the past are destined to repeat it." 'Nuff said!

-- Lobo (, October 20, 1999.

>> Why do people who have disabilities on this forum keep pointing them out? They never seem to try to overcome them or tell a story how they have overcome. <<

So, you don't want them point out their disabilities, eh? Whatsa matter? Do you think that the reason people post is to give you what you want?

My daughter has multiple, very severe disabilities. She is 13. She can't talk, can't walk, can't feed herself, has very frequuent seizures, and has to wear diapers.

So, when is it that society pays the most attention to her? When they want a story that makes them feel good! People donate stuffed animals and she gets them at Christmas. Then news cameras come around and film the story. It's heartwarming.

I got news for you folks. She has never played with a stuffed animal in her life. They just pile up and we give them away so kids who might want them can get them. It isn't what she needs. It is a pure "heartwarming" sham. But it gives sh*theels like this guy the kind of moist feeling they want and like. It makes me sick to death sometimes.

My daughter happens to be a very loving, responsible, cooperative and courageous person. There is not a chance in hell that she can overcome her disabilities no matter how long she lives. She merely inhabits a body afflicted with them and copes as best she can. This jerkwater idiot will NEVER understand this until he gets over his need to be spoonfed heartwarming feces.

To those who understand, sorry for the outburst. This kind of attitude just frosts my goodwill. I'll get over it soon enough. He is the one who should be pitied. Maybe I'll get around to it. Later.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, October 20, 1999.

And when will you get over your anger and bittneress? When will you tell those photo-op people to take a hike? Your daughter can't speak here what here disabilities are, because she is the person you said she is. She sounds braver than some people who just sit around and whine about their disabilities and then try to sugar coat it by saying "still smilin at both ends, Alobar." Yeh, it makes me sick too.

-- weary of it all (wearyofitall@wearyofitalll.xcom), October 20, 1999.

So a thread about love and compassion turns into an argument. Imagine that! And how awful, a disabled person is willing to share his preps. Yep that's whinin alright. Well wearyofitall I'm sorry,I'm just one of those if we don't hang toether we'll all hang seperately kinda guys. Government bashing? Well yes, I too am concerned about the NWO etc, though I know other folks in Government who are good people. How about Ron Paul, or maybe one of your everyday neighbors. Sorry I pushed your buttons. Peace man!...Continuin to still smile at both ends, Alobar

-- Alobar (, October 21, 1999.

>> And when will you get over your anger and bittneress? <<

Weary of it all, if you think I am chronically angry or bitter, you are wrong. These were easily the most angry words I have ever posted to this forum. Almost the only angry words of mine to appear here.

Each time an event happens that warrants my anger, I must deal with it separately. In this case, I directed my anger into action: I flamed you good and hard for your selfish presumption. That was sufficient. My anger ended there.

Your reaction to that flame was not hard to understand. Getting flamed does not often inspire soul-searching or rethinking one's position. Instead, you deflected the force of my words away from yourself through your instantly-manufactured belief that I am simply angry and bitter and I need to get over it. Nope. My anger couldn't possibly have been a *just* reaction your words or your actions. This proves you are human, if nothing else.

Just remember. When you say that disabled people are "whining" when they have the temerity to actually mention their disabilities in any context other than overcoming them, someone stood up an pointed out that you were being an ignorant, selfish asshole who didn't know what the hell he was talking about.

My guess is that the last time you let fly with this dubiuous piece of wisdom in a public place, people just smiled and nodded and were too damn polite to point out what a flaming jerk you were.

Now, if it is your contention that your position is well-thought-out and represents the most appropriate attitude toward disabled folks, please expose us to your full argument. You can start with why your complaint about disabled folks should not be considered whining, too. That should be amusing.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, October 21, 1999.

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