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Will there ever be a rare monster that requires me to reach a certain lvl? I have reached B class, but I am unable to Breed "Chef" from the Blink182, Enema of the State CD. also, I am unable to breed, "Ruby Night" from the self titled album, "Third Eye Blind". In choosing not to waste board space, I'll ask this as well, is it possible for an "Express Worm" (Beastie Boys, License to Ill) to spin a cocoon and become a beaclon? -MaTT

-- MaTT (Kbomb1352@aol.com), October 20, 1999


Okay...luckily, I can answer all of these and a previous question too. Wow, what a bargain. 1. You need to beat the Big Four and get the doll to breed Wrackys. See special monster section. 2. You'll need to get Durahan the old fashioned way (see special monster section) before you can breed Ruby Knights, Shoguns,and other Durahan/????s. 3. You'll need to get a Ghost through the game. Upgrade the altar twice and Colt will find a stick during March. Use stick during combination to get a Ghost. You'll then be able to get Chef off the CD. 4. Nope. See special monstes section for Beaclon info. You can only use certain types of worms, no Worm/????s. 5. Pheonix isn't immortal. He has a life expectancy like any other monster...instead of dying he just flies away. Nothing special. Hope this clears some things up. Falcon

-- Falcon (Falcon108@aol.com), October 21, 1999.

Thanks, OMT, I read on Express Worm's card, that nothing can compare to its speed when it's on "it's ?track/straight/line?" What does this mean, if anything?

-- MaTT (Kbomb1352@aol.com), October 21, 1999.

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