Y2K on today's soap opera -- All My Children

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Today y2k was mentioned on the ABC soap All My Children.Liza -- who runs a tv station had to be at work because they were doing y2k testing. Her husband commented -- aren't you leaving it to the last minute? Before she could get to the station, she got a phone call saying they'd started the test and everything had crashed... Interesting mainstream reference...

-- Libby Alexander (libbyalex@aol.com), October 20, 1999


And Erika is having her brother-in-law's y2k baby!

-- (soap@dope.suds), October 20, 1999.

Thanks, Libby. Sure it's corny, but you'd be surprised how many people watch those soaps. Our patients are totally glued to them, and say they reflect life and trends. If it's on enough soaps enough times it will definitely enter the national consciousness.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), October 20, 1999.

y2k is scheduled to enter the national consciousness around jan,4.

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), October 20, 1999.

All My Children has been dropping Y2K hints for months now. One of their leading characters - Adam Chandler - is building a concrete "safe room" that's bullit-proof and sound proof, just in case of "disruptions". Someone on their writing staff is a definite GI. Watch for a Y2K storyline toward's year-end.

-- Fan (of@llmychildren.com), October 21, 1999.

Nick on The Young and the Restless started working on Newman Industries Y2K remediation over a year ago. Victor will probably be in a plane crash out in the boonies during the rollover, as usual. But this time it will be blamed on Y2K.

-- Cherri (sams@brigadoon.com), October 21, 1999.

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