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Could somebody give me some info about the Rodenstock Ysaron 210mm. enlarging lens? ( Age, lenses/groups, max.f/., coating...)Opinions about the quality/results welcomed. Thanks.

-- jose angel (, October 20, 1999


If memory serves me right, the Ysarons are the older generation of Rodenstock Rogonars (which are the new, improved versions). The Rogonars and the equivalent Omegarons are basically four element Tessar type designs, which while capable of better performance than three-element lenses like the Trinar and Componars, still fall short of optimum requirements. One, their definition is slightly lower than it should be, even at the scale of reproduction for which they are corrected. Two, they are slightly more sensitive to scale variations. In other words, at magnifications other than the ideal scale of reproduction there is a risk of quality loss unless it is corrected by stopping down. The six element enlarging lenses such as the Componons, Rodagons, El Nikkors and Leitz Foctars are generally accepted as the best enlarging lenses.

-- N Dhananjay (, October 20, 1999.

If you have the serial number we can tell you the age.

The only Ysaron lenses currently being made are short focal length micro film lenses.

-- bob salomon (, October 20, 1999.

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