cpr blames us for girl's assault

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Another TRAGEDY to girl, 14, cause by DOOM ZOMBIES

Forum: Gary North is a Big Fat Idiot Forum Date: Oct 19, 16:39 From: cpr

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Doomsday prophecy lures girl

By KEVIN MARTIN, CALGARY SUN A Y2K doomsday scenario was used to coax an Olds teen to hit the road with two on-the-lam prison inmates, an abduction trial heard yesterday.

The girl, who said she was later sexually assaulted by one of the men, said fear of a catastrophic event led her to go with Gordon Kennedy and Eric Wanamaker.

"They told me society was dying," the teenager told Crown prosecutor John Szekeres.

"They just told me that by the year 2000 a lot of people were going to die. I was scared."

The girl, 14 at the time, was testifying at Wanamaker's Calgary trial.

Wanamaker, 51, faces charges of abduction, sexual assault and being unlawfully at large from Bowden Institution.

The witness testified Kennedy, a friend of her mother's, came to their Olds-area home April 10, 1998 and got her to leave. As they drove away, Kennedy -- on a weekend pass from Bowden -- stopped at a next-door-neighbour's home to get Wanamaker.

The trio picked up a U-Haul loaded with camping gear and food, then headed to a secluded location south of Chain Lakes Provincial Park.

The following night, the girl said she was molested by Wanamaker as Kennedy snored beside her, she said.

The girl said Kennedy told her the plan shortly before they were found by police.

"We were going to go someplace in B.C. and then down to somewhere in the States and then we were going to Venezuela," she said.

Meanwhile, Kennedy was handed a 16-month sentenced after pleading guilty to abduction in a separate hearing. Kennedy, 47, must complete his 81/2-year sentence for sexually assaulting four girls before his new term begins next spring.


-- isn't (this@over.board?), October 20, 1999


Response to cpr blames us for girl's death

Sorry, meant to type assault, not death. Was thinking of earlier posts where cpr had blamed us for suicides.

[We fixed (fixers@R.us)]

-- Isn't (this@over.board), October 20, 1999.

Response to cpr blames us for girl's death

This is very irresponsible journalism on the part of the Calgary News, and childish finger pointing by CPR.

They should realize that when they use the term "Y2K" this is most commonly understood to mean the computer crisis, but none of the information in this story indicates that this was actually occurred.

"They told me society was dying,"

(Which is correct, and has nothing to do with Y2K.)

then... "They just told me that by the year 2000 a lot of people were going to die. I was scared."

This part sounds like they were referring to perhaps terrorism, war, or any number of things, but it is before Y2K. Many religions have believed that the year 2000 could be a time of judgement or second coming, but again this has nothing to do with the computer problems.

So the newspaper was obviously going for sensationalism by trying to play off of the controversy surrounding Y2K, and CPR is just jumping on the wagon, but they are both irresponsible and frankly, full of shit.

-- @ (@@@.@), October 20, 1999.


Let him treat this very serious problem with contempt.

Next year we will blame CPR for all of the Y2K deaths he caused by convincing others not to be prepared.

And if it comes to that...

It might be fairest if he is blamed 'in absentia' for his own.

-- no talking please (breadlines@soupkitchen.gov), October 20, 1999.

"doomers" miss the point again (stop touching the top of your heads. its not THAT point I'm refering too)

Where any of you the molesters? no? then why do you think you are blamed for it? its the bullshit fear spreading that you do that is to blame for people being supseptable to this trash.

quit being dickheads for 10 minutes would you.

-- Wakeupan (smell@the.coffee), October 20, 1999.

"Next year we will blame CPR for all of the Y2K deaths he caused by convincing others not to be prepared. "

and quit fucking lying all the fucking time will you.

i dare you to find one place where ANY debunker of the fearmongering assholes has EVER said or told others "not to prepare"

fuck you stupid bitch-whores

-- Wakeupan (smell@the.coffee), October 20, 1999.

Wakeupan, Judging from the language, this post illustrates that you must have SO much going on between your ears... or not. (kudos to DJS)

-- Patrick (pmchenry@gradall.com), October 20, 1999.

or not

hey patrick, you're an ass kisser

and there ain't no "or not" with that one

-- isn't that special? (maybe@or.not), October 20, 1999.

Wakeupan....may I suggest you take the remedial English course offered at your high school next semester.

-- TM (mercier7@pdnt.com), October 20, 1999.

Guess who said this.

"14 Days of Prep" is Absurd. An obvious SHILL POST to trap people to the "other side" and recruit for the future.


-- Prepare (but@prepare.early), October 21, 1999.

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