If CD-VR is for real, no more capturing, encoding and Mpeg1

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Goto 'http://www.globalsources.com/MAGAZINE/ELEC/INDNEWS/N101802.HTM' for a late news article about "CD-VR replacing VCR". If this invention is true, this must be of great interest to those who do capturing & encoding audio/video to Mpeg1 and burning to CD-Rs to make VCDs. This new product, called a "CD-video recorder" simply uses a CD to record instead of using the conventional video tape. The company will sell the gadget online beginning February.

It would a bonaza if the recorded CD can play on a PC and a stand-alone VCD player.

RossMcL & others, any comments?

-- TOMO (ong@worksafe.wa.gov.au), October 20, 1999


Hi Tomo

Well why not, in this day and age anything is possible if someone has applied enough forward thinking, has the money to develop it and then market it for the consumer.

No complex software solutions to get to grips with, no files in the wrong folders - contact the manufacturer and get real answers to problems, it would be heaven! Real time editing to get rid of commercials, copies of any video source material and all those other things vcr's can do. The mind runs wild even if there was a 1 hour limitation.

No doubt it will be released in slow stages so as to ensure we "bite" and hang around for the updates over a long period of time. Remember how long it took for super 8 cine cameras to get upto the standard 8 camera in features? Then of course there is the story of video camera developement!

I for one will be watching that site for some specs and developements.

Thanks for the advanced information.

-- Ross McL (rmclennan@esc.net.au), October 20, 1999.

CD-VCR is available now, that is according to a recent posting. It can record A/V signals onto CD-R or CD-RW discs, similar to doing it with a VCR. Good news for those who demand higher video resolution, this machine records in MPEG-2 codes. The posting can be found on 'http://www.globalsources.com/MAGAZINE/ELEC/CHINAW/C082601.HTM'.

-- TOMO (ong@worksafe.wa.gov.au), November 01, 1999.

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