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I will try this once again and hope to get interesting replies, involved conversations, and even disagreements about the idea. Friday's posts showed frayed nerves, irritation, mild hysteria, and comic relief. Here's hoping people are rested from the weekend and ready for another week of posting.

Emotions will get more intense every week until it's over.

It helps to have a sense of humor to help take away some of the stress.

Don't go giving yourselves a heart attack from all of that stress and end up missing the outcome.


And I would appreciate you NOT posting a long, boring OT cut n paste post again in the attempt to change the flavour of this thread, Old Git. Thank You

-- Cherri (, October 19, 1999


Habla ingles?

WHAT topic? Monday, Monday? What is that supposed to mean? How can a person change a topic, when there isn't even a clear topic? (Is there?)

Just *curious*... george

-- curious george (, October 19, 1999.

I was just wondering if other people felt the tention increase as the "time" draws closer.

But if you did not understand it the first time I doubt if you would understand no matter what I wrote.

-- Cherri (, October 19, 1999.

Why do you come here telling people not to post a long, boring OT post? If Old Git wants to post a response anyway she feels appropriate that's her decision, not yours. If you don't want to read long boring posts, then don't post threads here. Thank You.

-- Thank You (Thank You@ThankYouu.xcom), October 19, 1999.

I love being a contrarian.


Surprise Jacko Show Was Hoax, Says Sony

Michael Jackson's record company has denied rumours that the superstar singer performed secretly in Devon at the weekend.

Hundreds of people left the Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple on Sunday night convinced that they had witnessed the Michael Jackson magic.

They were watching a martial arts show, the Matt Fiddes Black Belt Academy extravagnaza, when a previously unnamed "special guest" arrived in a white stretch limousine with 10 bodyguards.

(end snip)

Sorry it wasn't longer, I do better next time.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 19, 1999.


Prepping cures tension. Suggest most of the fraying is on you folks' end of the rope.

-- Carlos (, October 19, 1999.

For those who might have missed it, this is the "long, boring" post of Doc Paulie's Cherri is referring to. (BTW, wasn't it Cherri who was involved with those other BFI's in an attempt to "take over" and "defuse" this forum?)

Cherri, did you mean to post this at your friend Doc Paulie's forum? He seems to be in sore need of your advice this morning. He thinks those of us at TB2000 "could lead to a Hitler rerun."

No you ought show some dam respect is what you ought do (long)

Posted by ( Doc Paulie on October 18, 1999 at 03:09:48:

In Reply to: Some of you guys ought to be ashamed....... posted by DavePrime on October 18, 1999 at 01:57:32:

Well, well, poking around in my directories, trying to get a "search feature" up and running ya know, and what do I find? DavePrime ducking in late to post. Take a break here and respond to ya Dave-o.

What you maybe unable to understand is that the MENTALITY so common on a TB2000, COULD lead to a Hitler rerun. Your keyword is COULD. Look at what the mind-set is over there. And I believe common among many beyond the niche of Y2k. Could include the gun-freaks, gold-bugs, NWO-maniacs, ultra right-wing goons, World Net daily type reader, "conservative talk radioheads", you know, all your I AM SICK OF IT ALL UP 2 HERE, AND CLINTON AND THEM ARE TO BLAME! The whiner brigade who have been brainwashed to think we live in the 1950's or as far back as North, the Colonial Period.

Take just ONE of these TARGETS, say the NWO(new world order). Who of a sane mind does not think the new information technologies of this new paradigm, does not DEMAND a new alignment of governance? I would submit it ALREADY has and what the NWO noise IS, is but a REACTION to what already IS the reality. For recorded time, there has always BEEN an effort by someone to DOMINATE the world. The absolute irony of todays' world is, the RULER is and will BE access to information--WORLD FREEDOM. Truth will RULE.

TB2000 types are out-dated, scared, hopeless people who feel DONE WRONG. Their failure lies in the mirror, not OUT THERE. They have failed to properly PROSPER, and are merely SURVIVING. Some are spolied rotten and seek a cleansing of their err. Milne, Yourdon, and a Diane *sigh* would fit this bill. They live from old ill-gotten gains and DO NOT want it to stop. The new reality "threatens" their "lifestyle". In private they do not REALLY live this way, only play like they do for others. These are the ruler type cult member. The more common are the working-class stiffs who live paycheck to paycheck. They LIKE Capitalism, never done them much good, but they LIKE IT. Hitler was a Capitalist, also a Facist. I tend to think they be similar. Lost in all this renaming, and spin-doctoring is the concept of FREE ENTERPRISE. Cept competition is NOT a good thing if you be the one with the eggs. So one's best defense is to condition your customers into the role of sheep/CONSUMERS. Not "partners" in commerce, DUPES. No better group of saps can be found but the card-carrying Sam's Club/Wal-Mart/Costco jokers that inhabit TB2000. These suckers are so lame, they PAY to shop, hello. May make sense, and I am a Costco member, but the original reason for the membership has now become some stamp-of-deals to most of the sheep best seen at TB2000. I joined years ago for business purposes, this was the intent of the club-stores originally-their way around the FTC rules , no more. They are now outlets of monopolies who have spent much time and effort to condition their sheep to pay-to-shop, provide zero customer service, basically treat-em and herd-em like the COWS they are. Insane part is, the COWS think it all just peachy. This conditioning is typical of how you turn a society inside-out. These whiners claim they want a return to real values(all around), but make a beeline to the low/price action like flies to cow-shit. They actually believe things are NOT valued properly. They think a bottle of Tylenol is OVER_PRICED if bought in civilized surroundings in 3 minutes at Rite-Aid, compared to a hour in the circus that is a club-store. Besides, at Rire-Aid you mey get to "chat" with Skippy the 16 year-old stockboy and male-bond, you know, old-fashioned crap like that. At a Costco, one would be "lucky" if one even SAW a freaking employee not taking money or checking a reciept or card(IDs).

"There is a feeling undefined"...Don Henley [End of the Innocence] song just about sums-up our times. Many are displaced, lost, and feel out of control. They want a return to a time when things were simpler and slower. Unfortunately for losers, they whine, bitch, point-fingers, and bring into their reality a world which mirrors these compulsive thoughts. To one watching, these people appear INSANE. Truth is, they are, thus lies the danger. Once enough of these types, or those of similar "mind-set" band together, as like a cult, you have the foundation for a Hitler repeat.

You tell me Dave, do most on TB2000 have contempt for Bankers? the Media? Would you also think many like that also believe these industries operated by Jews? aside from Ted Turner etc? If we have a Dow3000 and a TEN YEAR depression, I think we pretty close to a re-run, a GENE POOL cleansing as the wackos call it.

So before you spout off again and point your TV Tube finger to us, please do the MENTAL WORK ahead of time. If done you will not have to "wonder why" this type of a thread exists below. My opinion is the thread is TAME to the extreme, a parody of a situation I feel is dead-serious. I know you will not get it, but that figures now doesn't it.

This be a sliver of the issue Dave, Y2k is merely NOISE my friend. A major sliver, but one of many involving the drama:::dead-men walking and who will they take with them on their trip to hell.

-- Old Git (, October 18, 1999.

-- Old Git (, October 19, 1999.


Well thanks, thanks, but here it is only Tuesday, Tuesday and I am already tense, tense. Have you read the transcript of WRP 131? That is the stuff that makes me tense, tense. :-) Seriously, Cherri, best too you.

Well, just on the long shot, this thread will crash and burn with out an over abundance of substance (your post most assuredly excluded Uncle Deedah), I have been wanting to get these misc. links passed on, but didn't know where:

The following are the land grant universities, which are state partners of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service. They are listed alphabetically by state.

La nd Grant Colleges and Extension Service Listings, by State.This is a MUST bookmark link.

FDA Web Site. They have a section on Y2K, but needs looked over by someone who knows what to look for.

The Virtual Veterinarian Center. Everything medical you may want to know about most domestic animals, and then some...even monkeys!

-- Lilly (, October 19, 1999.

Old Git, (we posted same time)

I was thinking of you with those last two links, thinking you might find something useful in them. :-)

-- Lilly (, October 19, 1999.

Lilly: Maybe you would consider mudwrestling with Cherri? Gawd, that would sure relieve MY tension!!!

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), October 19, 1999.

Sorry Cherri, don't think of a blue elephant.


Unfortunately that ranting pile of innuendo you posted contains enough kernals of truth to sway the opinions of the folks who let other do their thinking for them. I mean, c'mon, has anyone actually PRICED some of the crap at those places? Holy cow man, wait for a sale at Publix! You can do much better on a LOT of that stuff. OTOH, you can also do quite well with judicious purchases at *insert wholesale club name here*. Shop wisely. Duh.

This example is also, in itself, a fine illustration of the type of thought process that pretends to decry an evil, namely painting "those people over there" as "cows" and "insane, compulsive whiners". Next he will tell the rest of his cronies about our "large noses" and how we are "sub human".

Hey Doc, look in the mirror.

See a nazi looking back?

Look closer.

It's there.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 19, 1999.


I shall try to salvage myself, and at least acknowledge Cherri's points.

Some of the Monday, no Tuesday posts from myself show "frayed nerves, irritation, mild hysteria, and comic relief"

On Monday I was much nicer, I think, but it depends on who you talk to. Still, an over-all degredation as the days passed. At this rate I shall be calling for beheadings at years end.

-- Uncle Deedah (, October 19, 1999.

Thanks, Lilly, very useful and much appreciated. Here's one for you, King--now THIS is funny!

Russia's Kamchatka: Land of surging steam and gurgling mud

Copyright ) 1996 Copyright ) 1996 The Christian Science Monitor

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKIY, RUSSIA (Nov 16, 1996 00:54 a.m. EST) -- "Everyone follow right behind me, stick together or else you'll get lost," volcanologist Victor Okrugin shouted above the roar of the nearby stream. "Most of all, watch out for the boiling mud pots."

No one in our little group needed any further urging. Here we were, passing through a narrow canyon cut by the river through the rim of an active volcano while misty skies and a persistent drizzle cut visibility to a minimum.

There was no question but to follow Mr. Okrugin, one of Russia's leading experts on volcanos, as he led the way, pack on his back, kerchief tied around his head, and walking stick in hand.

After a few more minutes of struggling along in the crumbly volcanic ground, another world unfolded: a cacophony of sights and sounds straight from the bowels of the earth.

To the right was a protruding natural vent, roaring like a jet engine as chalk-white steam gushed out at tremendous pressure. To the left was an enormous cauldron of boiling gray mud, seething and gurgling as giant bubbles broke the surface.

On a small hill just beyond, an opening in the ground was covered in yellow and hissing - the source of the acrid sulfurous smell that permeated the air. Behind it a geyser shot streams of hot water up into the fog.

The cascading river cut straight through the scene, the product of melt from a glacier that hugged the bottom of the steep red canyon walls far above.

Dante's inferno? No, this was inside Mutnovsky Volcano, just one of 29 active volcanos (out of over 100 in all) on Russia's mighty Kamchatka Peninsula off its Pacific coast.

Because of the opening through the rim, it is considered the most accessible for a visit.

But only barely. Just getting to the starting point of the final hike involved a slow, bumpy ride in a huge truck over snowfields and barren volcanic rock slides, skirting around another active volcano that last erupted just a few years ago.

A new frontier

A trip to Kamchatka is not for those unwilling to put up with certain rigors. It is still a real "frontier," a place that even few Russians have ever had the chance to experience.

It's also only been a few years that foreigners have had any access at all, primarily due to a nuclear submarine base located near the peninsula's only city, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, which straddles one of the finest natural harbors in the world.

The Soviet government also considered the peninsula far too strategic because of its geographic location as Russia's eastern-most border, sticking down into the Pacific Ocean like a giant thumb pointed at Japan.

But as with other formerly off-limits parts of the ex-Soviet Union, since 1991 Kamchatka has become an increasingly favorite destination for adventure travelers, volcanologists, and bear specialists - this because of its huge population of large brown bears, cousins of the North American grizzlies.

It has also become the focus of attention for environmentalists because of threats to its fragile ecosystem, such as the overfishing of its famous king crab and plans to begin gold mining operations that could destroy salmon spawning grounds.

Our group was on a trip organized by the environmental group Friends of the Earth to inspect such potential problem areas. Sadly, not far from the Mutnovsky crater, seepage from two abandoned gold mines continues to run into a nearby river.

Most of the peninsula, however, is so remote that it remains untouched. Almost all key locations can only be reached by helicopter, making a visit both expensive and difficult to arrange.

There is only one major road, that runs for over 375 miles up the central valley, and most of it remains unpaved.

The valley is characterized by deciduous and conifer forests, meandering rivers, and, in a few places, farmland.

Yet it is the volcanos that most characterize the peninsula, formed by two parallel chains that run north/south along most of its length.

Part of the Pacific "ring of fire," Kamchatka has more volcanic activity in its relatively small area than anywhere else in the world.

In the north rises the tallest active volcano on the Eurasian land mass, mighty Mt. Klyuchevskoy; it is so active that its altitude changes almost constantly (currently around 15,000 feet). All this activity is because of the mountain's geographic position where the Kuril and Aleutian chains of volcanos meet. In fact, the end of Alaska's Aleutian Island chain lies not far offshore in the Commander Islands, named for explorer Vitus Bering.

Volcano erupts - even now

Mt. Klyuchevskoy is hardly alone. Many other volcanos have erupted in recent decades, in some cases violently. The latest large-scale eruption occurred in early January this year, when a volcano known as Mt. Karymsky caused such uplift that a nearby lake half vanished.

That former lake bed is now firm enough for helicopters to land on, where the gray, dusty soil is still very hot.

Just a short distance away, the near-perfect Karymsky cone continues to eject gigantic black and white clouds of ash and steam, followed by strong rumbling sounds; it is a spectacle that repeats itself every 15 minutes or so.

"This is rather unusual activity for a volcano, to have it behave like this with such regularity," says volcanologist Yevgeny Vakin, who ambled over to greet our group after the helicopter set down. Vakin was spending the summer in the area, doing what those in his trade do: Stay near enough to observe, take water and rock samples, but also know when to back away.

While interesting to observe from the ground and from within, the volcanos are equally dramatic when viewed from the air. Every glance out one of the Russian MI-8 helicopter's round portholes reveals a different peak, ridged cones with wide fingers of snow cascading down their sides towards the valleys below.

One mountain has a charming crater lake at its summit, its steaming water a turquoise blue.

Another has a larger, cold-water lake within an enormous caldera (a volcano whose cone has collapsed in on itself, allowing such lakes to form and forests to regrow).

Valley of the Geysers

Perhaps the most unique destination of all is the Valley of the Geysers, a narrow, vegetation-covered canyon that features scores of big, small, and in-between geysers and mud pots.

The thermal water hosts myriad "thermophile" microorganisms and bacteria, forming a multicolored backdrop to the clouds of steam that rise up from the valley floor.

As in Wyoming's Yellowstone Park, most of the geysers spout with systematic regularity, shooting out steam and boiling water up to differing heights.

The largest, known as Velikan (or Giant), is Kamchatka's version of Old Faithful; its eruption can reach up to 170 feet high. In addition, there are myriad mud pots, consisting of thick muck that makes deep belching sounds as volcanic gases break the surface.

International adventure travel agencies can now fly to Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula direct from the United States' West Coast via Anchorage.

Located nine time zones east of Moscow, geographically the peninsula is closer to the Americas than it is to the Russian capital.

Accessible by helicopter

The growing travel trade has sparked certain controversy, the same dilemma faced by innumerable other wilderness areas by the issue of how best to preserve the fragile ecosystem while helping boost the local economy through tourism.

At present, certain areas are only accessible for helicopter day trips, while others remain open only to scientists and other specialists.

The local company, however, that controls the fleet of helicopters now has plans to build a new hotel and visitor center in the Valley of the Geysers, something local scientists see as leading to disaster.

"We're not against tourism, far from it, but there must be strict control at the same time," says Vitaly Nikolaenko, a naturalist and bear expert who has served as park ranger in the Valley of the Geysers for 25 years. "Otherwise, what you see here will be in great danger."

He pointed off into the distance along the S-curved valley, its multi-colored rocks and vegetation partly obscured by clouds of steam wafting up from scores of geysers all along its length.

Currently, the valley is one of seven parts of Kamchatka Peninsula being considered by UNESCO for designation as World Heritage Sites, because of their unique character.

Environmental groups also oppose plans for new gold mining, that could have a major impact on indigenous peoples, in particular Itelmens who live along the peninsula's east coast in tiny fishing villages.

It is a debate unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

In the meantime, a small number of specialists and adventuresome travelers will continue to visit what is arguably one of Russia's - and the world's - most remarkable natural wonders.

-- Old Git (, October 19, 1999.

Speaking of Michael Jackson and Y2K (that is the topic of this thread...isn't it?)---True story---M.J. was scheduled to perform in Australia on Dec. 31, 1999, then catch a plane to New Zealand for a second performance...also on Dec. 31, 1999. Both performances have been cancelled because the planes in Australia will be grounded for the rollover. I guess that might be The End Of The World As Someone Knows It.

-- (, October 19, 1999.

Checking inventory and filling gaps is a great way to get rid of tension. Also, putting aside extras for DWGI and DG folks that I don't want to see starve. Very fulfilling indeed.

-- no talking please (, October 19, 1999.

"no talking please," how much should I put away for DWGI, DGI people? One, two, three-year supply of what? How many should I plan for? I need to get busy stocking up.

-- helping hand (helpinghand@helpinghandd.xcom), October 19, 1999.



The concern over 2000 among businesses, governments and private citizens stems from the use by some computers of only two digits to store the date. The concern is that systems will break down when they are unable to distinguish '2000' from '1900'.


The Y2K problem is caused by computers that were programmed to read only the last two digits of a year. That will cause them to read the year 2000 as 1900, in some cases fouling up basic operations.


-- the Virginian (, October 19, 1999.

Cherri, I would suggest you try changing your fingernail polish to a darker red since it is fall. That may make you feel better about the whole thing...

-- Psychotic (, October 19, 1999.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr- Rrrouwwww- SSSSSSSSSS!! Urrrrrrghhhh! Rrouw-Grrrr-Rrouw---RROUW!!!!

(Translation: Frayed? the only thing frayed around here is MY end of the couch thanks to that one-eyed, calico hussy! How come she got to keep her claws and I did't??)


(Translation: I like OLD GIT, so there!)

-- Pissed-Off Tabby (toomanycats@thishouse.barn), October 19, 1999.

Folks I have found a funny thing in these threads. I think it looks like code, now why is that? Nothing bad really,but strange. Are a few of you X government?

-- ER (, October 19, 1999.

Cherri- For the love of God, please get a spell checker... Iym Dyin ova heya.

-- Gia (, October 20, 1999.

I didn't sense much tension until a bunch of polly hecklers invaded this place last Friday.

-- At home (, October 20, 1999.

Michael Jackson mudwrestles?

-- Sara Nealy (, October 20, 1999.

(Translation: I like OLD GIT, so there!)

-- Pissed-Off Tabby (toomanycats@thishouse.barn), October 19, 1999.

I like Old Get too, but I don't like what she does when she posts a big out of context post after something I write which causes the idea I am attempting to gain interaction on to be lost in the process. I don't understand why she does it sometimes. Unless she doesn't want what I am trying to say to get across.

-- Cherri (, October 21, 1999.

But, it's Thursday, Thursday!

Daily tension is the sine qua non of life on the Big Blue Marble in these post post-modern times. How's about that tension, and how it gets relieved over at Debunk? One of your cohorts over there uses this method:

"They seem to be getting more and more stupid by the minute. I understand perfectly how you feel, such stupidity shouldn't go unslapped. They really don't want to become more knowledgable about Y2K or any other topic for that matter. Simply put, they are a bunch of whiners and complainers, pointing fingers at how the world has made their lives so miserable. Responsibility for their sorry asses goes outside their control. My only regret is that they are allowed to procreate. We should find them and castrate them, ouch. Did I say that? ah-oh, old git's going to find this message and post it and they will all jump all over me, calling me names and making me look like a fool..... Never mind (as Gilda used to say)."

The above paragraph, with bold emphasis, (mine) from lovely Maria. Looks like tensions running high all over. What do you do for yours, Cherri?

-- Donna (, October 21, 1999.

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