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Contract for an A for both semesters.

1. Attend MN Music Educators Mid-Winter Clinic in February and report on the event. Very important seminars on the music education profession.

2. Paricipate and facilitate in a monthly discussion group through our school district using Stephen Covey's book Seven Habits for Highly Effective Families. I am also reading and discussing the Habits for Teens book with 7th-9th graders in my Home Room Class. I will report in May how this went with both the adults and the students and my own growth.

3. Quarterly Newsletter. I will keep the parents of my 7-12th grade band students informed about what is happening in the WCA Music Department. I will submit the newsletters.

-- Anonymous, October 19, 1999


Hi Paul, Your proposal looks very appropriate from your lond distance learning position. I am particularly interested in the Covey family concepts as I would guess they would make much sense when applied. I will look forward to your work on the web and will see you in person in May if that will work for you. Thanks, Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2000

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