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In reading the Bioterrorism & Y2K article on Y2K last night it made mention of Colloidal Silver killing Anthrax !!!!!!!!!! Can anyone give more info on this and where the best place to acquire this at ???? Thanks, Charles

-- C. Tomberlin (, October 19, 1999


Colloidal silver will kill Anthrax -- and all other bacteria and viruses (and most other body parasites).

The only problem is getting the CS into the right places in your body so it can do the killing.

The Zapper will do the same thing -- with the same caveat. There are places in your body that are hard for CS, Zapper, H2O2 and other general parasite killers to get to. (But the places are different for each modality, so most places in the body can be covered.)

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, October 19, 1999.!! I have two bottles of CS, but now I do not know how to get them to the correct parts of the body that you mention. Can you give us more of an explanation. Thanks in advance!

-- Elaine Seavey (, October 19, 1999.

In re. CS, do a search on Yahoo for it. You'll find a ton of links for it. Personally, I have mixed thoughts about it. It sounds good, but the majority of things I have seen on it sound like snake oil. My skeptic bone really itches when people sound like they are trying to scam me.

-- James Collins (, October 19, 1999.

If you would take the trouble to look in the archives under "Health--Alternative Medicine" (or something like that), you would find several threads on this substance, including where to find cautionary information. Personally, I'm suspicious of anything that claims to cure damn near everything and am sticking with a stash of veterinary antibiotics.

If you wish to dispute the negative findings, argue with the writers, not me.

-- Old Git (, October 19, 1999.


The only treatable anthrax infection is the skin lesion type. Typically picked up from handling infected hides hence the moniker *Sheep Handlers Disease*. Infection from inhaled spores is, as GIDoc recently reminded, 100% fatal without preventive vaccination. Sorry.

-- Carlos (, October 19, 1999.

Hi Carlos, and all,

CS is effective for respiratory problems when used as a nasal spray (if appropriate) or used in a 'cool' mist generator (for inhalation therapy).

As a nasal spray, use 50% of 5 to 8 ppm CS mixed with 50% isotonic saline (.9% Sodium Chloride solution) in a spray bottle.

In a cool mist generator, use about 10% CS with whatever else you want to use.

Silver will kill anthrax. It will kill polio. BUT, the silver has to be in close proximity (millionths of an inch) to the bacteria/virus. the same for antibiotics. The main difference is that antibiotics can be ingested and diffused throughout the body by the blood stream, the same method isn't available for CS as yet.

Garlic can also be effective, but it's bacteria killing properties are muted when ingested.

The biggest problem with CS and anthrax is that the worst form of anthrax is the airborne variety -- where the virus gets into the lungs. That's why a CS inhalant is effective. Also effective is H2O2 when used as an intravenous drip (it's cured cases of emphysema).

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, October 19, 1999.

Could someone please explain just how a "Zapper" could kill one of the most lethal bacteria on the planet?

Many years ago, during the early 1900's I think, the snake oil salesmen of the day traveled around with these mysterious, impressive-looking black boxes, with gauges and dials and lights and electrodes... You turned the crank, the gauges would jump, the lights would flicker, the box would hum importantly, sparks would flash from the electrodes and voila! you were cured of everything from bedwetting to cancer to baldness. Guess what?


As far as I can see, from the reading I've done, colloidial silver and Zappers (tazers) are the black-box hoaxs of our generation. Silver does have some antibacterial properties but the dosages required to kill large colonies of bacteria or virulent strains would probably kill the patient. Silver, in large doses or taken for an extended period of time, is toxic.

As Carlos said, airborne anthrax (the only practical option for a bioweapon) is not treatable.

"If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

-- Sam Mcgee (, October 19, 1999.

Yes, colloidal silver does work. It has not been investigated by the big business "Drug" community because they can't make any money on something that everyone could make for therselves.

There is a colloidal silver forumn on the net that you can subscribe to. To join the silver-digest send an e-mail message to: with the word subscribe in the SUBJECT line.

The best place I've found to get an idea how to make your own C.S. generator and what it can do as an anti-biotic, read the colloidal silver article posted in the candida forum at: On that same page is a good collection of postings from the C.S. forum in anecdotal form.

C.S. has become a very important part of my medical contingency plans for next year when the allopathic community looses their supply of chemicals and drugs.

"Yes it sounds to good to be true" but, invest a little time in reading what others, that believe in it, have to say and you will believe it too!!!!

I'm getting ready RU2

-- Bernard Havran (, October 20, 1999.

Sam, you have no clue and you don't kbnow what you're talking about. You're just spouting off the mouth about something you have never tried.

I have been making my own CS for about 6 years. the zapper for 2 years. Both are truly miracles. www.silversolutions sells a CS factory for only $79. Make it yourself and save thousands over a lifetime!

-- freddie (, October 20, 1999.

Please describe one case of anthrax being cured by CS or Zapper. You need not furnish the person's name, but please be specific about age, geographical location, type of anthrax, how the disease was contracted, dosage of CS, voltage of Zapper, method of application of treatment, duration of treatment. Was this case of anthrax confirmed by or reported to the CDC?

Please also describe one case of polio that was cured by CS or Zapper using the above criteria.

Please list the bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be killed with CS or Zapper.

Of course I'm skeptical--I have yet to see any verifiable evidence to support the claims of CS and Zappers.

-- Sam Mcgee (, October 20, 1999.

"Yes, colloidal silver does work. It has not been investigated by the big business "Drug" community because they can't make any money on something that everyone could make for therselves."

Please explain, then, why Massengil vinegar and water douches sell so well. Please also explain the same for Tucks (main ingredient inexpensive witch hazel).

-- Old Git (, October 20, 1999.

And in a related topic, Hulda Clark (zapper) was in the news. shtml

-- Penda Zone (, October 20, 1999.

Probably the cheapest easiest way to make CS is to use two .999 silver rounds or bars (about 7 bucks each, one ounce each, will last forever), and three 9v batteries in series. Use alligator clips on the edges of the "coins", lower them into distilled water, and wait a while.

Two caveats: do NOT under ANY circumstances use *real* coins, as they are alloyed with other metals that you do not want to think about, and for the same reason, do not let the clips touch the water.

-- Ron Schwarz (, October 22, 1999.

Old Git,

There are many products that sell today simply because they are a "convenience". For instance: throw-a-way diapers. The depression era generation and WWII generation mothers would never have considered throw-a-way diapers. But I know of and see welfare mothers today, complain about their financial condition but wouldn't think of using a cotton diaper. But they were good enough for my mom.

I suspect "douches", to use your example, are quick and the busy executive woman doesn't have to fool with any of the ingredients or even have to "think" much about it except to perform the act because she can't farm that part out. Now we are talking about the division of labor Gary North has written about which will revert back to the pre-modern or pre-WWII if Y2K is a 7 or greater. We may have to begin relying more on ourselves and more on God.




-- S. David Bays (, October 23, 1999.

Seems that the people who say "steer clear of colloidal silver because it's snake oil" are people who have not tried it. I myself am a very satisfied user.  It is true that you have to get it to the area where the problem is. I discovered this when I tried taking it orally for sinus problem. Just didn't do it. So then I tried mixing it with a bit of saline (so it matches the body fluids better, otherwise it stings, as will plain water) and using a dropper to deliver it up my nose. Lying down with head tilted back. Stayed like that for a few minutes to let it work. Voila!  Just lately one of our cats had fluid dripping from one eye. I procrastinated hoping it would just clear up. Nope. Got worse. Pus in it. My vet friend said antibiotic and steriods. I tried the CS/saline mixture. Held the cat with her head back, and held her eye open with one hand so the CS didn't get squeezed out when she blinked. Petted her to keep her still (relatively!) for a couple of minutes. Did this morning and night four times. No more symptoms after the first treatment! I did several more just to be sure.  That sure beats antibiotics and steriods for my money.

-- Shivani Arjuna (, October 23, 1999.

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