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I really want to have just what I'll need for this trip to Arizona. Not planning to go to formal places for entertainment. Will be touring the Canyon and then on to Scottsdale for some R&R. Any ideas would be great.

-- JoAnn Gouzoules (, October 19, 1999


JoAnn, I have just how accessed this site (at our son and daughter-in- laws urging!), about 1 1/2 years before the four of us hope to make a trip to Europe together. Your Arizona trip, of course, must be long past, but I have a suggestion for any other Arizona travelers: Layer, layer, layer, and be sure to pack a vest! We travel yearly to Flagstaff and Phoenix--usually the latter part of November--and, following these "rules," have been prepared for any temperature there (layer and peel). Oh, yes! I also pack light-weight boots.

-- Sue Mullins (, February 04, 2001.

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