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Just sharing, from someone I trust. This is a tad sobering...

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 17:30:28 -0700
Subject: The pipeline Ends....


I was out today getting last minute comfort things and bug out bag stuff.

I was talking to [snip] the owner over at the local Morman prep store the [snip] here in San Jose. He said business was very good the last two weekends. But what blew me away is he stated that he could be cleaned out if the herd rushes, and once he is sold out, he will not restock until late next year.

The reason he gave is that they will be declaring Martial Law (He felt he had this on good authority, enough to make a business decision) and that he did not want the military to just come in and take his food stuffs "for the common good". He wants to preserve some capital to rebuild his business after the Roll...

If the prep pipeline gets streached it will break....

FYI: Use as you see fit.

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), October 18, 1999


Can he say what his source of information is in general terms?

Approximate date expected?

Areas affected?

Nature of travel controls?

Live rounds issued?

Co-ordination with civil authorities?

-- no talking please (breadlines@soupkitchen.gov), October 18, 1999.

The Naval War College site in its "Where we went wrong?" new conclusions said the free market economy would be upheld. It's not even possible to ration due to the present economy.

I don't think if called in to assist the military is going to care about John Q. Public. It will care that America does not fragment, experience a revolution or that the violent underclass build the Thunderdome. It'll be shoot to kill orders on anyone with behavioral problems coping with discomfort and the free market economy. It'll be passing rounds of ammo and orders to its soldiers not hot meals on wheels to 260-300 million John Q. Publics.

-- Paula (chowbabe@pabell.net), October 18, 1999.

Isn't Senator Bennet a Mormon? Maybe he has a pipeline from him.....

-- ~~~~~ (~~~~@~~~.com), October 18, 1999.

I think I know that store...the [snip name and location--Sysop]? Nice people, but I want to tell you that it might take all of 10 people to clear the shelves. I haven't been there in a little while, but the store was divided into three parts: the first part was "equipment"...juicers, etc., the middle part was a medium - sized selection of various healthy goodies...like a 7-11 but "healthy." Only a few items of each selection. The third part was at maximum 15 bins of wheat, brown rice, triticale flour, etc. It would seem reasonable that he would wait to restock until late next year because most of the product manufacturers appeared to be rather small companies. I can see why he would just close shop and go home, but I doubt that he has hard core inside information.

-- Mary (CAGDMA@home.com), October 18, 1999.

Tougher prospect yet in the Pharmbiz. Still, I'd almost rather they took the inventory and with it the concience wrenching decisions about who gets what of what's left. Coward I guess.

-- Carlos (riffraff1@cybertime.net), October 18, 1999.

Carlos, I doubt the pharmacies are going to be raided by the military. The military doesn't have enough man power to play nanny to 260-300 million John Q. Publics. CA alone is the size of many a nation and larger too! NATO with many relief agencies couldn't even cope with the hundreds of thousands of ethnic Albanians. The Naval War College said the free market economy would be left alone and if you think about that is a very potent comment. It means, "You're on your own." All a pharmacist can do is follow all rules and guidelines set forth by the company he or she works for if one exists, and if not, conduct business as usual being very careful not to be a subsitute physician operating without the proper creditntials and license.

-- Paula (chowbabe@pacbell.net), October 18, 1999.


Your not knowing me keeps your comment from being insulting---barely.

-- Carlos (riffraff1@cybertime.net), October 19, 1999.

Thousands of industry press releases, media reports and guvment statements are all dismissed immediately as nothing more than "spin".

ONE sentence uttered from "Pop" down at the "Mormon Mom 'n Pop Prep Shop" and it's described as "SOBERING".

Sobering indeed.

-- CD (not@here.com), October 19, 1999.

I don't believe that a pharmacy will have much luck staying open after the rollover. Most of the pharmacies in my area (over 700,000 people) are chain owned and staffed. First, if it's bad, the pharmacists will be like everyone else...they won't be there. Secondly, ALL the chain owned pharmacies operate on JIT ordering and that will most likely fail even if the rollover is a 2. There WILL be supply disruptions as 80% of all raw pharmacuticals come from overseas (where most of the problems will be...as per the CIA and State).

I really can't conceive of the National Guard and the UD Army even attempting to try and 'nanny' 250 million people. It ain't gonna happen, folks. You WILL be on your own.

That's not to say that TPTB won't attempt confiscation of foodstuffs, arms etc to 'assist' those in the inner cities. That's where most problems will arise when the stores are empty and the jobs are gone. The government will do their level best to feed, clothe and house the inner city folks (white, brown, green....no matter) to try to keep a lid on the potential for civic disturbances. Us folks in the country can go hang as far as TPTB are concerned.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

-- Lobo (atthelair@yaho.com), October 19, 1999.

What I find myself wondering, is...

1) How many small businesses would just close to preserve their working capital, should Martial Law, etc., problems arise in their area, hopefully to re-open at a later date?


2) What does last years statement by John Koskinen really imply? ...

"In a crisis and emergency situation, the free market may not be the best way to distribute resources.... If there's a point in time where we have to take resources and make a judgement on an emergency basis, we will be prepared to do that..." -- John Koskinen


(Mary, prefer not mentioning the store by name. Anyone locally can figure it out).

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), October 19, 1999.

BTW Paula, Carlos IS a Pharmacist!

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), October 19, 1999.

Yep, that quote sure rings a bell. From last December, the Link and article:

And for any of you readers new since last December, these old threads are incredible:

Feds Prepared To Take Over

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), October 19, 1999.

And CD,

You may not think its sobering... but this little store is not in your backyard so-to-speak, you are not a customer there, and you dont know the guy. I would certainly not typify him as a doomer. Preparation is his business and livlihood, and religious persuasion.

He gets a lot of people coming through that small shop, and Ill give him the benefit of the doubt that he hears things... from the locals... enough that hed be willing to make a business decision to close until a later date.

I find that tiny decision sobering. And possibly indicative.

And yes, Id like to know more specific information too. Ill ask him... next time I stop by.


(Thanks A&L... kept the quote and forgot to keep the link).

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), October 19, 1999.

CNN.com had an aricle entitled, "Expanded domestic use of U.S. military raising civil liberty concerns." (10/7/99)

Our BELOVED IMPEACHED PRESIDENT wants us to feel comfortable with our military "assisting" local law enforcement.


We're being set-up and there is only so much we can do. I'd suggest to have 3 places to go if it hits the fan. Plan on being mobile if you can and with people who are "like minded."

-- Eyes Wide Open (djwolf@lanset.com), October 19, 1999.

Be more self sufficient. Call 1800-HERB-DOC and get the patient handbook and learn how to make your own Home Remedies that will last and even get better in time. I am making a lot so I can take care of my family and whoever becomes my extended family. Stock up on the other stuff like bandages or at least have some clean sheets to rip up. I just bought a water purifier for backpacking that will desalinate and remove bad stuff. Also I got a Mag Flint Firestarter. So Water and fire are taken care of as well as a knowledge of making remedies and applying them to myself. Comfort and Love to you all,

-- Marilyn Ellis (ME@MarilynEllis.com), October 19, 1999.

Hey (((Marilyn))),

Good to see you visiting TBY2K!


Check out the sister site too...

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Be well.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), October 19, 1999.

Marilyn: Do you like to mudwrestle?

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), October 20, 1999.

Nightline covered the take over of pharmacies etc.. in depth in these last few series about possible senerios.. there have been plans for thise for yrs & there are drills on these regularly.. imagine a biowar etc... I to have run into local & state lawinforcement officers in gun shops shopping for more items for their familly members including thier kids.. due to what all have been coming down the line... the cops have to have gear (1-2 weeks) underwear/socks clothes, hygene kits in storage @ the stations.. heck the firemen have been issued riot gear, weapons & bullet proof vests, the armories have been being stocked & vehicles moved into place.. there have been some gov/mil/police buying types of ammo of the shelves @ local shops including Sports Authority..

-- tvviewer (more@stuff.com), October 22, 1999.

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