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This manual is a confidential document and may not be shown to anyone else. It should be kept in a safe place at all times. Do not bring it on team trips. The manual is team property and subject to return on demand. No material in part or whole may be reproduced.

Team play differs from that of individual play. As individual players, certain "human factors" have an effect on the individual's success or failure, which cannot be measured mathematically. Many a skilled counter has fallen apart after experiencing a string of losing sessions. Such heavy losses can have a major effect on a skilled counter, where the counter gets nervous and his ability becomes impaired. In a joint bank arrangement, such weaknesses are minimized, as when the counter may be experiencing a losing session, he knows there are several other skilled counters out there who could be contributing winning sessions. Huge swings in bankroll are to be expected as a result of some of our aggressive playing styles.

Participation may require that you alter some of the approaches you are most used to. Flexibility is important. Throughout your participation on this team, you will be exposed to various methods of team play. Some of these methods have been discussed in books, while other methods have not. There is no "best" method to use. One method may work better for one player, while that same method may not be suitable for another. You may develop an approach and are encouraged to introduce your ideas to team management. You may find that we change our tactical approaches often. It is important to change our approaches in order to be successful. The direction of this team is a result of over two years of planning, playing, winning and some losing.

In order for the team to be successful, each player must possess the discipline to follow the rules and guidelines outlined in this manual. A united approach to the outlined plans will enable all of us to appreciate the benefits of playing on a successful team. There is strength in numbers and through confederation, no player has to overexpose himself to excessive play. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to maintain frequent communications with teammates and promote interaction during the planning stages.

The general philosophy of the team is that of continuous growth at a controlled pace. It is not our attempt to make big killings quickly, but rather work toward the goal of making moderate amounts of money on a consistent basis. As our bankroll and team size grow, so does our earning potential.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 1999

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