Old 9000's ventalation smell

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Why do old 9000's (about 4 years and older) have a syrupy smell that comes from the vents? It has happened on two of my familly's saab 9000's a 1992 and a 1995. It is a sweet sugar sypup smell. If you could explain that would be great. Or if your car does the same thing. Write me an email. thanks

-- Leslie Fernandes (leslie.fernandes@castleton.edu), October 18, 1999


Well, if it smells like burnt maple syrup, I would bet it is a coolant leak somewhere. I had to replace the radiator and heater core in my '93 9000CSE after the head gasket was replaced. The head gasket failed at around 60k, the heater core and radiator shortly thereafter. You should have the system pressure tested to determine the source of the leak.

Best of Luck ralph

-- ralph semonian (ralphgumby@aol.com), December 02, 1999.

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