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My SONY DVP-S330 can play Video CD, but not CD-R discs, how should i do? i want to burn and play my own Video CD discs

-- daniel jonestrom (, October 18, 1999


I have a Phillips Magnavox 825AT DVD player. It plays CD-R and CD-RW. I have verified this with homemade Video CDs.

-- Mike T. (, October 20, 1999.

hi, i also had the same problem...i had to buy a lower model vcd/dvd/cd-r player because i found out that the player needs to have a dual-band laser to be able to play brunt disks. I forgot the site, but search for a list that tells you which dvd/vcd players can play cdr's, hopefully, yours is one there.

-- Ligs (, October 21, 1999.

It could be the CD-R media too. I have been cutting lots and lots of VideoCD and I think Mitsui or Kodak Gold are the best kind. Some CD-ROMs and stand alone VCD player just cannot seem to focus on some media.

-- Rusman Priyana (, October 22, 1999.

you can play cd-r vcds because the DPV-S330 has dual laser focus (Dual Discrete)

-- SaSy Superior (, October 23, 1999.

I have a dvp-s330 also and no, it wont play regular cd-r media but does work with cd-rw. i have already successfully written and played several vcds on mine.

I used bbmpeg for the encoding and burned it with nero 5 on a compusa brand cd-rw and they work good. unfortunately this model has no support for svcd. boo-hoo


-- krag (, June 19, 2000.

I have a DVP-S330 no cd-r media works! But I found that MEMOREX cd-rw 4x works very well.


I also have the S330. What are the odds that I can play a CD-RW that is 700mb and/or burns at a faster rate?

-- Kevin (, December 29, 2002.

use memorex 4x. cdrw..

-- Josef Bell (, January 04, 2003.

Even Sony was dumb about this matter - the truth is: the S330 will play only CD-RW's (forget trying CD-R, they don't work). I've been successful with TDK 10x CD-RW (you must have a burner with High Speed RW capability (which most do now).

-- Kevin Konrad (, March 08, 2003.

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