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I do analog video capture to record tv shows. But when I try to capture from video tape, I often see a good portion of the bottom of the video skewed. Does anyone know why this happens or know how to correct the problem?


-- HazyMind (, October 17, 1999


The first thing could be your VCR. Inexpensive VCRs have high levels of instability that range from quivering pix to streaks at the top of or bottom of the pix. Pro VCRs do not have this problem because they use extra-stable mechanicals plus time-base corrector circuitry, which have recently begun to appear in consumer VCRs. Digital VCRs, consumer or pro, DO NOT have this problem at all. Try another VCR. If the problem is the same, you could use an encoder like Panasonic 2.21, which has provisions for cropping off a few pixels from the picture top, bottom, and sides, replace them all with black, and center the picture so that all looks better. Adobe Premier can do the same thing before outputing and convertin

-- EMartinez (, October 21, 1999.

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