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I have a G3 Mac with firewire and a Sony-PC1. I do skydiving video and would like to convert some of my work to VDC. I just got Final Cut Proand am trying to figure out the settings. My first export is running right now. It's god-awful slow. (any better way to do this?) Does anyone know what settings I need to use on the export to get either toast(mac) or EZCD(pc) (I can use either) to take the exported file? Is there going to be an issue with the non-standard pixels on the DV format? I'm hoping my first shot works, but I'm not betting on it.

Sincere thanks.


-- Steve Bishop (, October 17, 1999


I'm not familiar with Final Cut Pro, however, the mpeg file you need to create is an mpeg-1 file with a total data rate no larger than 1137kb/s, a video rate of 1150kb/s, and an audio rate of 224kb/s. MPEG-1 files like this are what you need to create a proper, and usable, vcd. Hope this helps.


-- HazyMind (, October 17, 1999.


Nice camera images! What type of file are you exporting to, avi or mpeg-1?

In any event the reason for taking so long is the system must resize the file for a vcd mpeg-1 of 352 wide either direct to mpeg or via an appropriate avi/encoder file.

-- Ross McL (, October 18, 1999.

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