Where should we play in 2000?

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The tournament committee is currently searching for locations for next year's tournaments. At this point, we are leaning toward returning to Butternut, George Wright, and Lakeville. Should we come back to those courses? Where else should we play? Why?

-- Anonymous, October 17, 1999


I thought all three course mentioned were great. For what we got Stowe Acres was too expensive. If we want a "championship" type course for the last event is Maplegate an option?

-- Anonymous, October 18, 1999

For our exhibition tournament, how about Atlantic CC? I agree with returning to the Nut, GW, and Lakeville and tossing Stow right out the window. I, personally, liked Far Corners, but I would not be sad if we did not return there. Some other courses that have been mentioned are Maplegate, New England CC, Cyprion Keys, and Poquoy Brook.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 1999

I like these all, too. I didn't mind Far Corners but we can shop around. Atlantic or Waverly Oaks for the exhibition would be great. WO is expensive but we may get a break in April.

Maplegate and Cyprian Keyes were eliminated this year because they either do not do tournaments or do them on weekdays only or reuqire too many people. I don't remember which but I DID call them this year and had to cross them off.

We should look into Olde Scottish Links and River Run in Bridgewater, too. New England CC should be looked at as an alternative to Stow for our "expensive, but really nice" tournament.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 1999

Coming from a 12 hcp who couldn't break The Century Mark at the place, I really DO think we should return to Bust-A-Nut. Save for the par-7 10th, I reluctantly agree with Derek's contention that it is a very fair test of golf and a well-conditioned course. I also would think that GeeDub is great for our purposes. However, I would propose that we ditch Lakeville. One member's opinion: I find the greatest enjoyment in golf to be playing highly-recommended courses that I have YET TO PLAY [well, okay...as long as it isn't JOE who is highly recommending the course]. This is one of the great gifts that The Club brings to its members: the ability to drag us out of our "comfort zone" to try something new [after all, why would even consider TRYING tourney formats like "The Flag"?!?!]. That said, I believe that Lakeville is an easily REPLACEABLE "good-value" course. I think we should revisit a place like Cyprian Keyes [if it was a numbers game....well, we are growing....aren't we?!]. And I love the idea of trying to steal a cheap round at Waverly....it may be the only time that anyone of us would want to TRY to afford the place.

-- Anonymous, October 18, 1999

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