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Discussion of the online shorter FW (hypertext design, etc).

-- Jorn (, October 17, 1999


It would be helpful if you included a link to the online shorter version of the Wake.

-- fw (, October 18, 1999.

Re backlinks:

I think PhilG must have a bug-- the setup routine demands a labelled backlink, but it's not displaying for some reason...?

-- Jorn (, October 19, 1999.

PhilG tells me in email that to get back to my pages (the online FW) you have to first follow the link back to the main FW BBS page (at the top of this page, marked "Finnegans Wake"), and then click on 'Publisher'.

I guess I'll try to add individual links to each intro paragraph, leading back to the right chapter... eventually.

-- Jorn (, October 20, 1999.

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